What Do You Get When You Choose Freeview?

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There are so many television services out there that you can choose from. From Sky and BT TV to Freeview and Freesat; it can be hard to know what one is going to be best for your family. There is no doubt that they all offer something great. But, you need to think about what your priorities are. For example, some people want a television service that offers the latest movies while others are on a budget and want to keep their costs down.

One television service that stands out is Freeview. This is one of the most popular services in the UK and there are many good reasons for this. From getting a lot of channels and radio stations to great coverage in the UK, let’s take a look at what you can get when you choose Freeview.

What is Freeview?

First of all, let’s get acquainted with Freeview and what exactly this television service is. This is a free service you can enjoy on your television if you are in the UK. It was first created in 2002 and it grew in popularity in the years to come. In particular, when there was the digital switchover back in 2012, a lot of people turned to Freeview. This way, they could enjoy digital terrestrial television. Now, there are around 18 million homes that use Freeview.

When you are purchasing a new television, it is likely that it will include a Freeview tuner and it will already be built into the TV. However, you can also purchase a Freeview box. This can offer you a lot more, such as the ability to record live TV, watch on-demand box sets and much more. You will find that the platform is managed by Digital UK LTD, as well as DTV Services LTD.

What are the Advantages of Freeview?

When it comes to television services, there are now a lot to choose from. It can be a difficult choice, so let’s take a look at what Freeview can offer you.

Over 70 New Channels

When you are watching television, do you like to surf through the channels and see what is on? Do you watch a variety of shows and want to have a lot of choice? Then you need to make the television service you choose offers a wide range of channels.

One of the reasons that people like Freeview is because you can access a lot of channels. This gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to your favourite shows. In particular, you are going to have access to over 70 television channels. In addition, there are now 15 HD channels available to for a better viewing experience. There are even 30 radio stations for when you want to listen to music or catch up on the national news.

It Is All Free

There is no doubt that you have a budget when it comes to television services. Well, the good news is, Freeview is going to be free of charge. Just as the same suggests, you are able to access all of these fantastic channels without having to pay a penny. All you are going to need is a television licence and TV aerial. Thus, if you have a small budget and you are trying to save money, Freeview is definitely the way to go. You do not have to worry about having to pay any monthly subscription. Once you have the Freeview box, you are going to be able to watch a lot of television without having to pay any more.

Widely Available

Most people around the UK are going to be able to enjoy Freeview. It has great coverage and even rural areas will be able to get this service. This means that it is a good investment and you know it is going to be able to work for you. The coverage is around 98 percent. So, unless you are somewhere extremely remote, this is going to be a service you can enjoy. in order to enjoy Freeview, all you are going to need is an aerial.

It Works with an Aerial

A lot of people already have a television aerial. So, you may be looking for a similar television service that is going to work using this setup. Well, the good news is that this is how Freeview works. All you are going to need is a TV aerial and you will be ready to go. This means no more expense.

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