7 Powerful Web Design Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty

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For any decent business, brand loyalty is gold. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing customers come back, proving that there’s something very likable in your business – something worth coming back to.

While this is not very personal when it comes to online business, brand loyalty still works pretty much in the same way. It’s good to put in your goal to transform your business into one that inspires brand loyalty, with your users continuing to do their online shopping on your site over and over again.

Believe it or not, web design plays a huge role in building brand loyalty in your customers. This is primarily because there’s nothing much that your users get in contact with except your site.

Their whole experience with you is mostly through your eCommerce site. Your site alone must offer an experience worth going a second time, and even beyond.

To help you achieve brand loyalty through your web design, here are 6 tips from us:

Powerful Web Design Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty

Build a Solid Web Design for your Site

Web Design Strategies

The first thing you should do is to ensure that you design your e-commerce site in a solid way. You must come up with a concrete plan of how your site will look like, but in doing so you must ensure that navigation is easy, that organization is maintained, and that your content is inviting.

Another thing that you should consider is that your site must be easily accessible across all kinds of devices. We’ll never stop saying that users are not always on desktop computers so you must make sure that your site looks and works well on mobile devices.

You are bound to gain loyal customers if you have a decent-looking site that performs to their expectations.

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Transparency, Relevance, and Credibility

The values of transparency, relevance, and credibility must be imbued into your site’s design. To do this, there are simple steps that you should take. First, come up with a substantial About Us page where your company information is placed.

Second, your Contact Us page should also have actual details, and not just forms, especially if you won’t commit to responding in a timely manner. Also ensure that in your product pages, your product information is actually helpful. Some sites put worthless product information – just sales talk.

Make it a commitment to always provide the right information to your customers throughout your site. Being transparent, relevant, and credible will help inspire brand loyalty for your business.

Create Case Studies as a Content Asset

Case studies on how your products positively affected your customers are great to publish on your site. Shops of beauty and wellness products do this very often.

They show how the products helped out their clients, which not only invites new customers to buy but also tells the world that they are proud of their customers’ success achieved through their products.

There are also ways on how you can do this for other product categories, you’ll just have to think outside the box and spend a little effort all for the goal of fostering brand loyalty.

Display Reviews & Testimonials

Display Reviews and Testimonials

One way to help build brand loyalty is by showcasing positive feedback from your customers. Ensure that you can highlight this as part of your web design.

Put your feedback section somewhere that new clients can see so they would be inspired to make their own first purchase, the first step for them to become lifelong clients.

Customers value the feedback provided by real-life customers so strategizing the placement of these testimonials would not only help increase your sales but also improve brand loyalty.

You should note, however, that not all reviews are positive. There will be negative feedback, even for those that are out of your control like how your courier partner failed to deliver on time.

Also, show how nicely you dealt with the problem, and assure the person of how this will not happen in the future. It will also not hurt to provide some sort of consolation for the inconvenience caused by the situation.

Flaunt your Awards and Recognition

You don’t really have to brag but make sure that your awards and recognitions are visible to your clients. Doing this will help make you become more trustworthy in the eyes of customers.

And when you complement this by providing that is truly deserving of an award, then you are bound to earn some loyal customers. So exhibit your awards and recognitions and make sure that you live up to the expectation you are setting.

Finally, come up with your Brand’s Voice

It’s a huge task but coming up with one voice for your brand is needed to help you promote brand loyalty. Your branding should be consistent, and should have a personality of its own, but should be symbolic of your company’s core values.

Also, Your branding strategies should go across your site’s content and your social media posts.

Your Website Reflects your Brand, Build it well

We’ve demonstrated how simple things can make a huge difference for your business. Your web design, for one, has a huge role in promoting brand loyalty. So be sure to build your site well – this is your brand after all. Work for your brand and let your brand work for you!

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