Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

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Along with the immense world of websites and apps online, it is the social media websites and business blogs that have multiplied rapidly. The blogs that are usually short and sweet work like advertisements for products as diverse as machinery and videography.

Naturally, everybody wishes to attract visitors to blogs and promote the products concerned. Regular quality blogging ensures a lot of attention but a few other guidelines would ensure greater success. It is hard to believe that 60% of businesses run blogs but a great majority of them do not work hard at updating them.

You need to beat the competition

When the peak is reached, it does not appear that any competition exists. Yet, excessively hard labor and sustained research may succeed in reaching those coveted levels with blog posts that are a rare mix of language, ideas, multimedia, and digital software technology. As a first step, it would help to search for and read a few outstanding blog posts but everybody is doing that on a daily basis perhaps. In such a developed world, good work is not uncommon.

The quality of blog content needs to be absolutely scintillating that attracts all the senses and compels attention. Few can achieve such an electrifying impact. Make sure that the blog posts are well written and throw valuable light on the product or service that would attract readership. Free from grammar and style errors, short sentences, and shorter paragraphs are the norm since online action happens fast and reader attention is limited. The quality writing that gets to the point quickly is preferred in words that catch the fancy. Once the strong focus is established, including a formula for blog optimization.

Get passionate about social media

One certain method of communicating with a lot of people who matter online is the social media world that gets bigger all the time. Aim the warm and sincere blog posts at several social media sites like Facebook. A social media manager like Hootsuite would provide links to the blog posts in several social media sites.

Keywords remain important yet

Some things haven’t changed and the crucial keyword hunting would require research. Popular words and phrases that searchers actually use need to be included and frequently in blog post titles and URLs, beginning and ending paragraphs, but avoid keyword stuffing that would be counterproductive and result in penalties. Technology provides convenient tools everywhere and Google Adwords Keyword Tool and semrush.com would facilitate the search for the lucky keywords. Long-tail keywords have an advantage of detailed meanings as compared to a single word or two.

Catering to voice search

In the world of conveniences like voice search with the use of Siri and Alexa, give some serious thought to voice search queries and how to optimize for that.

Aim for rich results

Search engine results pages have evolved a great deal and used to contain only a list of websites in the past. Additional aspects include images and maps, definitions, and videos too that make a powerful impact and motivate actions like clicking with the attention attracted by so much. Meta descriptions to promote interest with well written but brief descriptions that explain what the product or service is all about. Schema markup represents a new way to go.

Linking blogs to similar content elsewhere on the web

Maintaining continuity like the roads in the city would bring more attention. Writing on pets like cats, many websites cater to them. Why not link a few good blogs and websites at appropriate places like a veterinary website while discussing cat health issues? A network of links does convince of originality and reliability rather than a long blog post in the mighty world of the web.

Images that speak a thousand words

Amidst images and videos everywhere, it would be possible to find relevant striking images without copyright issues. Attracting attention for ages has depended upon striking illustrations, artworks, photographs, and sculptures. Emphasize the visual element with some dominating central featured image that takes the breath away. Think up cool titles for images too.

Tags and categories

With such a great fuss being made about names of all dimensions, get creative about arranging the content under a number of tags and categories. Thus, related posts are grouped together. Tags and categories should be intelligently arranged and should not sound or mean similar things. Like the shelves in the store, segregate words and meanings carefully and avoid synonyms that would confuse. Base the tags and categories upon the keywords.

WordPress Yoast may serve as a beginning!

Some authorities claim that keywords are everything and that simplifies the problem to some extent. In fact, the best keywords are sprinkled everywhere like on the URL, title, body of the blog post too. Once the basics are done well with strong keywords like a foundation, everything should go fine. Yoast or some other plugin should work well.

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