10 Top Ways to Increase SEO Strategy in 2024

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Are you interested in top strategies that will help improve your SEO in 2024? Staying up to date and keeping up with your SEO can at times be very overwhelming due to the constant changes in algorism.

However, there are important steps you can always put into practice to help you improve your ranking and online presence.

Here are five SEO strategies that will help you win the 2024 search results.

Adding Interactive Content to help increase the Dwell Time

Adding interactive content pieces such as assessments, surveys, infographics, quizzes, and videos can play an important part in your SEO strategy and content marketing. Such interactive content not only keeps visitors on your website longer but also helps in improving the user experience.

The more people spend their time on your website, the more it alerts Google that your content is valuable and relevant to the user’s needs.

Strive for Keyword rich and long-form content

The long-form of content will make it possible for you to devolve deeper into topics thereby offering readers a wealth of information. You will be helping people get what they want when you publish detailed content and that is what Google is interested in.

The long-form content also offers one the opportunity to add both the primary and LSI keywords to assist in ranking better.

Crafting headlines to help improve click-through rates

Article headline will provide one with the first impression concerning your title. The headline is an important factor that will help determine if people will click or not. It is therefore important that you take time to craft a great and compelling headline to enable the search users to engage with your content.

You can consider using tools like Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer that rank you on elements such as if your title will foster engagement, its performance on social media, and if you will have to add more words for better results.

Ensure Your Website is easy to navigate and mobile ready

According to recent keyword research, almost 60% of Google searches do occur on mobile devices. The number of people accessing the internet from their smartphones has gone up. It is therefore important that your website is mobile-ready and responsive on mobile. The speed of page load, navigation, and formatting are important ingredients that can impact user experience and SEO.

Encourage Engagement

One top strategy you can use to improve your SEO and win the 2024 search results is by encouraging your visitors to comment on your posts. Google notes that the community is capable of increasing rankings. According to engagement, people not only read your content but are also compelled to interact. This also helps in ensuring people take longer on your website and that your content is spot on whatever they are looking for.


With the above strategies, you will never go wrong in not just improving your SEO ranking but ensuring you will win the 2024 search results.

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