Top 4 Reasons to Use Microsoft Power BI for Your Business Analytic Needs

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Data is the main driving factor to business growth, agility, competitive edge, and success. At the beginning of a company, it’s easy to manage most of your data with a great spreadsheet or cloud-based data warehouses.

You can now learn top trending BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, through Intellipaat online Power BI Training and Tableau Training course.

But, as your company grows and expands, so does your data. It can become difficult to effectively analyze all your streams of data. That’s where Microsoft’s Power BI solutions system comes in.

Microsoft Power BI allows owners to visualize, analyze, and gain insights into their data. They’ll also be able to share that information with anyone and everyone. Power BI consists of three elements:

  • Power BI Desktop – windows desktop application
  • Power BI Service – SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Power BI Mobile Apps – available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Power BI Report Server grants owners the ability to publish reports to an on-premises report server.
Keep reading to learn more about the top 5 reasons your company should be using Microsoft Power BI today!

1. Merge Many Data Sources

One of the biggest benefits to using Power BI is how compatible it is with other applications. While Power BI is a Microsoft product it does not work only with other Microsoft products.

There are hundreds of files, content packs, and databases that are compatible with Power BI.


You can link Excel spreadsheet files (.xlsx, .xlsm), Power Bi Desktop (.pbix), and comma-separated value (.csv) to your Power BI system. Each of those data sources can be loaded into Power BI where it can be analyzed together, and insight can be gained on the bigger picture.

Content Packs

Content packs contain all the data and reports you will need already prepared for you. Some of the services with content packs for Power BI include Google Analytics, Marketo, and Salesforce.


The great thing about being able to connect to an outside database is that with Power BI it’s a live connection. Meaning when you generate a report or add a visualization a query is made directly to the database.

Power BI can connect with Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL data warehouse, Spark on Azure HD Insight, and SQL Server Analysis Services using DirectQuery.

Note: Due to the versatility of Microsoft’s Power BI and the many platforms, files, and databases it can connect with, it may be best to provide Power BI training for your employees.

2. Share Dashboards

With Power BI you can share your data visualizations with your employees or fellow colleagues within your business. A link can be created and sent via email. When the recipient opens the email and clicks on the link, they will have instant access to the dashboard.

You’ll be able to create dashboards and visualizations for almost every aspect of your company. Meaning you’ll be able to share a Sales Dashboard with your Sales Managers or a Customer Service Dashboard with your CRM team.

Being able to share visualizations and insights quickly and easily will help to keep everyone on the same page and work together effectively to grow and expand the company.

3. Gain Insights

Power BI offers the ability to gain insight into almost any aspect of your company. This is due in part to its “drill down” functionality and capability. For example, you’ll be able to look into an individual customer and see what you sold them, when, and where.

There are almost an unlimited number of insights to be gained. Investing in Power BI training for your company would help to ensure you get the most out of your data and dashboards.

4. Low Upfront Cost

Probably one of the most enticing aspects of Power BI is the lack of upfront costs. Because Power BI is a subscription service there is no need to buy licenses, support, etc.

If your company is already a NAV customer, you’ll have access to the free version. You’ll be able to generate and build your own dashboards after you subscribe.

Give Your Business the Power….BI!

Microsoft Power BI is a great way to visualize data, gain insights, and share reports and dashboards with employees or colleagues. Because it’s a subscription service there are no upfront costs like licenses or support fees.

Take your business to the next level and consolidate all your data sources today. Outfit your company with Microsoft Power BI and provide your team the training to use it to its full potential.

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