How to Unlock Phone so You Can Use It Anywhere with Any Network

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One of the best things about signing up for a mobile network plan of your choice is that you get a phone along with it. This phone, once paid, would now be yours to use and enjoy, even when you decide to cut your mobile plan. But once you do this, you would still not be able to use other networks on your phone. The next question would be “How do I unlock my phone?” Luckily, here are some steps that you can do to help unlock phone.

5 Easy Steps to Unlock Phone

1. Write down your phone’s IMEI number or phone model

The first step in unlocking your phone is identifying it properly. Your phone’s IMEI is your phone’s identification number, which can be seen in the back of your phone, or can be received through calling. Meanwhile, some unlocking services would simply require you to just give the model of the phone.

2. Look for the right unlocking service

How to Unlock Your Phone

There are a good number of unlocking services available, and it is best to pick one of the more established and trusted services. There are some services that might try to abuse their services to get some of your phone’s data, so it is best to do some research and look for quality services.

3. Pay for the service

As with most types of services, you would have to spend a good amount of money to get your phone unlocked. Most services accept cash payments, or payments through money transfer services. Credit cards are also accepted, which makes transactions much quicker. Once they have received your payment, expect the unlock code to be sent to you.

4. Place the SIM card into your phone

How to Unlock Your Mobile

Once you have paid to get your phone unlocked, it is now time to wait for the unlock code. Some services may take a couple of hours, while some can take for days depending on which unlocking service. It is important to provide all the necessary information to make sure that you will get the right code for your phone. While waiting for the unlock code, place the SIM card inside the phone. Some SIM card slots are external or internal, depending on the model of your phone.

5. Enter the unlock code

Once you have placed your SIM card, it is now time to turn on your phone, and enter the unlock code. To make sure that the code you received is going to work, it is best to make sure that you are connected to the internet, and that you are within the range of your service provider. Once the code has been activated, you can now use different network providers in your phone.

Key Takeaway

Using a locked phone is difficult, as you would not be able to use certain functions and features that can be used regularly. Once you have found the right unlocking service, you are guaranteed that you are able to use your phone as you would wish, with a service provider of your choice.

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