Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Understanding Your Visitor Behavior

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No matter who is visiting a website, either be a prospect or any subscriber who have yet to buy anything or genuine paying customers, a website owner needs to analyze each of their behaviors in order to increase conversions. It is observed very few of the visitors will never have trouble with your site content whereas the majority of them would leave your site abruptly if they do not like your content.

Whenever people visit a website, they always expect to receive some useful and worthwhile in exchange. What worth they will receive varies across websites and no visitor would want to waste his or her time reading the unnecessary information. If they find the website loading time is slow, then they will leave the website without thinking for a moment. So, fast loading time is very much essential if you want to retain your visitors to the site.

If you really do want to know how well your website is satisfying all the visitors or how they actually feel about your site content there are some excellent WordPress tools used for “spying” on your website visitors and help you analyze their behavior.

Some plug-ins offer important features like Session Recordings. It is immensely helpful as it records all visitors’ activities including cursor movements, mouse clicks, scrolls, form interactions window resizes, and so on. Whenever you replay these activities in a video format you will be able to know exactly what visitors do on your website.

Apart from Analytics tools like Google’s, there are several other WordPress Plugins that you can use to snoop into your visitors’ activities on your website.

Here are five best WordPress Plugins for that purpose:

1. SeeVolution

SeeVolution offers behavioral analytics and tracking tool that enables users to monitor visitors movements and click paths in real-time. Using its Live Heatmap customer experience tool users can easily understand how the customers engage with their site. The plug-in also provides mouse-move as well as scroll heatmaps to identify the website content that visitors are mostly focusing on and how far they tend to scroll on the web pages.

The plug-in is useful to collect all data to check whether or not a site is functioning properly and notifies site owners through email and SMS in case any webpage or trends declines below undesirable tolerance levels. It also illustrates the areas showing high and low user activity, as well as hot and cold spots of a webpage, along with asset analysis which includes all links, images, and form. SeeVolution’s real-time analytics and heatmaps are widely used in various e-commerce storefront solutions as well as content management systems.

2. CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg basically monitors how the site visitors interact with the site. With the help of mouse-tracking technology, the plug-in generates a visual representation of various areas of the WebPages where users generally tend to click on the most. You can also see where most of your visitors came from. The plug-in is especially helpful to create a full proof content strategy since it gives you a clear idea about which of the elements of any webpage are most read by the visitors and also identify what parts of the page are being totally ignored.

3. ClickTale

ClickTale is an important tool to improve customer experience as it offers essential information and analysis with the help of which any website owner can easily improve and effectively work on the conversion. This tool accurately analyses the target audiences and their needs. The tool also enables site owners to keep track of records from site visitors who fill in their details and enquiring over the questions they don’t understand. Hence these recordings help the site owners to make necessary changes on their website which eventually increases their conversion and revenue.

This plug-in provides heatmaps, session playback, conversion funnels, and form analytics. Another advantage of using this plug-in is it features a simple user interface that allows users to create events very easily.

4. Hotjar

If you cannot figure out why your site visitors are bouncing Hotjar is an effective way to analyze the user behavior and measure user feedback every day. This is an all-in-one visitor tracking tool which can be used to create a happy user experience. It eliminates guesswork with Recordings of real visitor behavior on any website. By monitoring every visitor’s clicks, taps along with mouse movements it is easy to identify usability issues of the website. User sessions are there to provide a better understanding of every individual visitor is doing on each webpage. Recruit Testers

Hotjar also allows website owners to call on users to take part in user testing. It helps to encourage users to take action, offers an incentive as an attractive gift voucher or discounts.

5. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing is a split-testing service-and-plug-in which was specially designed for WordPress to improve a website’s conversion rate. It is a native WordPress solution that creates runs and records split tests in WordPress. After installation, it offers a simple user interface that beautifully integrates with WordPress dashboard adopting all the standard WordPress UI elements.

It features A/B CSS Test which allows site owners to make necessary CSS changes and analyze what effects they have on the site users. Moreover, the heatmap and click map feature enable us seeing which page or post are getting the most visitors’ attention, and which areas are clicked maximum. This is very useful information and assists you understand what users are really looking for on a particular website, and whether it brings more conversion.


Though you can’t go wrong with any of the plug-ins mentioned above, some of them are more suitable for certain websites than others. If you have got a WordPress website, you can opt and install any of the plug-ins to track the visitors’ behavior. Few plug-ins offer free versions while some are premium.

It is necessary to improve the usability of any website, as you can identify what makes your visitors leave your website. For every content marketer and start-ups, these factors are “must-know” things in order to reach the desired business goal. So get started with these wonderful plug-ins and improve your sales.

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