Top Hotel Chains Are Using Accurate Hotel Market Data To Stay Competitive

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The main goal of every business in any industry is to stay ahead of its competitors. Web scraping is one of the most advanced methods used by various successful companies worldwide to stay competitive and maintain their position. Analyzing the strategies of competitors is not only important for e-commerce companies but sectors including real estate, human resources, and hospitality.

According to a report, around 1000 million people visit their country every year. The demand for hotels has always been at its peak.

International tourists are always searching for a reputable hotel industry online. Since, being the hotel industry, your main target audience comes through an online search, there is a greater need to gather all the web data of the competitors.

Hotel-Related Data That Can Be Scraped

There are several reasons for using web scraping tools while checking websites related to the hospitality industry. Many data about the companies can be collected to improve hotel marketing methods.

Collecting data about competitors can not only help in staying competitive but also in identifying the latest trends and facilities. Some hotel-related data that can be web scraped are:

  • Types of rooms available in each hotel
  • Hotel facilities that make them better than competitors
  • Star rating and images uploaded by the guests
  • Contact information for special deals
  • Price of different services provided within the hotel, including food

You can collect any information published on the competitor hotel company’s official website. Moreover, some websites publish all the relevant information about the different hospitality industries. You can check websites like and to know more about the competitors.

How To Use Web Scraping Tools For Hotel Marketing?

When used properly, web scraping can be an extremely powerful tool for hotel marketing. You can consider the following easy methods while using web scraping tools for collecting hotel market data.

1 – Brand Management

Gathering information from web pages about people’s opinions about competitors can help stay competitive. You can look at the positive reviews about their hotel business to improve and stay ahead of them. Negative reviews about their staff or facility can not only help in making better facilities but also marketing plans.

2 – Collect Images And Customer-Related Data

Web scraping tools can help you gather relevant images of the type of food the hotel provides and several security features they include. You can make appropriate improvements in the hotel to represent the business as updated and helpful.

Information about customers can help you understand where most customers are coming from and their likes and dislikes. If you know more about their customers, then there is a better chance to attract them to the hotel.

3 – Price Competitiveness

The price keeps increasing or decreasing, and every hospitality industry needs to be aware of the price their competitors are charging for particular services. If your competitors are charging an extremely high price, there is no relevant reason to keep the price low unless there is a lack of customers, staff, and facilities.

You also need to stay informed about the latest promotions in the hotel industry so that the customers realize the hotel is updated with market trends. Web scraping is the best way to keep the price of every service reasonable or competitive so you can make a profit without losing loyal customers.


We hope now you understand the best methods top hotel chains are using to gather accurate data and stay competitive. If you are a startup looking to improve your position, then use web scraping tools to find out the latest trends in the hospitality industry. Big companies should use web scraping tools to stay competitive and improve facilities to maintain a high position in the hotel business.

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