Top 5 Best Shooting Games for Android 2017

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Need a break from studies and work? You have come to the right place then because we are providing you with the list of top 5 best shooting games for android which you can have on your phones. These are free of cost and you don’t need to spend your money for downloading and installing them.

Frontline Commando 2

Frontline Commando 2

Frontline Commando 2 lets the bullets fly from the shooter and the people who love weapons would love it because it has a complete package of a variety of guns and explosives.

The technical presentation of the game is amazing and astonishing. You can assemble your elite squad and then train your soldiers after recruiting them. Also You are the leader of the ultimate war and you lead the team towards the battle field.

You can have 65 different members in your squad who range from the sharpshooters to the medics. Upgradeable and multiple power weapons are available which help you to maximize the fire power with a classical variety of assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even shotguns. There are 7 destructible battlefields where you can shoot on your way and take helicopters, drones, and tanks with a supply of heavy weapon specialists.

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NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy

If you want the best sci-fi experience from the very first episode then NOVA Legacy is made for you.

The hero, Kal Wardin is the retired N.O.V.A. veteran who has been summoned again for the best N.O.V.A. saga. While, humanity is protected in a battle against the alien invaders, with the help of Yelena who is his personal agent the mystery of the sudden attack of aliens on the destiny and future of humanity unfolds. The Gameloft FPS series provides with an immersive experience of shooting which is based on the vein just like the Modern Combat.

You can enjoy, craft, and upgrade the weapons which have a variety ranging from the powerful rifles to the devastating plasma guns. Gameplay and graphics have made the experience just a reality and shooting feels like real in the various available game modes. You have the story mode, shadow effects, and special ops and you can also test your skills in a multiplayer game.

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Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

The dead trigger 2 is your fight for survival with the zombie apocalypse and the first person shooter. You have a choice of the insane arsenal of the combat weapons for the war against the walking dead in the terrifying areas.

It is completely serious shooting and you can go to war with the players around the globe with the feature of custom gladiator rules. In the new Purgatory arena you can become a legend. The touch control system is designed especially for the enhanced virtual joystick for the veterans of FPS and also the casual players.

You have a personal hideout and can meet the scientists, gunsmiths, engineers, and smugglers who will be of assistance in the unlocking of the incredibly amazing weapons and gadgets.

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UNKILLED Survival Shooter

UNKILLED Survival Shooter

The award winner first person shooter in the city of New York has the epicenter of the dreadful and terrifying zombies.

You can choose among the five unique characters and also join the Wolfpack team at the elite. The tasks are assigned and missions are to be completed to eliminate the threat of the walking dead.

Did you get plenty of bullets? That is great start shooting and save the world. PVP multiplayer game with the thrilling solo missions and a variety of the tons of weapons allow shooting the bosses and unique enemies like Dodger, Sherriff, butcher, and the minesweeper etc.



The best online FPS on the android has evolved with the evolution of war.Step on the battle field and there is the call of duty which has raised the bars.

The shooting games have made it to the best one with the high powered guns, astonishing graphics and the intense action in multiplayer mode as well.

The levels are customized till the classical 8 skills and the features of counter strike and solo as well as team play mode.

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