Better Your Business: 4 Simple Tips for Increasing Online Sales

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Was 2019 a lackluster year for online sales? Shake off the disappointment. It’s a new year and another chance to get it right.

This time around, you’re starting your 2020 online sales strategy with a plan. You’re going to set realistic and achievable goals that you can track throughout your sales campaign. You’re going to invest in high-quality content, PPC ads, and social media marketing.

Increasing online sales takes more than goals and drive. You need the right resources to successfully plan, produce, launch, monitor, and analyze a campaign.

Read on to discover four invaluable tips for turning your vision into action.

1. Data Matters

Every little bit of data matters in this digital age. The best online sales strategies are driven by data. You need tools that capture, interpret, and apply data from beginning to end.

Start with Google Analytics. This tool is a must if you’re new to online sales. Integrate your site with Google analytics to see in-depth data about your website activity.

Discover which product pages are the most popular. Find out which areas of your website get the least love. View your website’s bounce rate and demographic data for site visitors.

Website analytics tools will tell you where you need to improve based on the data alone. It’s essential to have a powerful website if you want to supercharge those sales.

2. Track Your Sales Strategy from the Start

You’ll need a dependable tool for tracking your sales strategy. Google Analytics is useful for tracking daily website activity. Still, you need a social media management tool for monitoring the social media marketing portion of your strategy.

There are several variables to track on social media. These include likes, shares, follows, unfollows, mentions, clicks, impressions, retweets, and more. The best social media management tools let you follow all your account activity in real-time from one dashboard.

Using a single dashboard for multiple accounts lets you respond quickly to posts, questions, and mentions. You can also set up auto-response tweets, DMs, and posts, so your strategy never misses a beat.

3. Catch Consumers the Second Time Around

You’re getting a second chance with the new year. Give website visitors another opportunity to make a purchase.

Retargeting marketing leverages consumer behavioral data to convert visitors into customers. Studies show that visitors who click on retargeted advertisements are 70% more likely to buy a product.

The ultimate guide to retargeting goes in-depth into the different types of remarketing platforms you can use, ranging from Google to Facebook ads. You also learn how to set up and track retargeting campaigns with pixels.

4. Increasing Online Sales with Incentives

What does free shipping, membership discounts, loyalty points, free gifts, and 75% online clearance sections mean? It means you’re going to get a lot more customers because everyone loves to save money. There’s a lot of online competition out there, and you can’t compete without giving consumers an incentive to buy.

It may be near impossible to compete with Amazon, but you can definitely learn some lessons from the eCommerce giant. Offer visitors free shipping on orders of $25 or $50. Entice them with a freebie with purchase or gift-wrapping.

Supercharge Your Online Sales

This year is going to be different. Learn from last year and head into 2020 with your eye on increasing online sales. Use these tips to plan a data-driven sales strategy that converts curious visitors into loyal customers.

Do you have all the tools you need to manage your marketing? Check out the blog to discover more insider tips for crushing your business goals.

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