6 Tips for Expanding a SaaS Company

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Any startup business is going to have some uncertainty, and marketing is certainly no different. When you are dealing with a new business and new target audiences, business owners should avoid making the assumptions that the marketing channels that may have been successful in larger companies are also going to work in a new one. Because of this, SaaS startups should focus on trying out various different channels, analyzing their effect, and discovering which channels work best. Here are some marketing strategies to consider when expanding a SaaS company.

Referral Programs

A joint report carried out by Influitive and Heinz Marketing found that fewer than one in four B2B organizations have a formal customer referral program. However, the report also found that those that do enjoy sales numbers that are significantly higher, along with lower acquisition costs, had a more cohesive relationship between their marketing and sales departments. Launching a referral marketing program is possible in any industry, and when done right, can be one of the easiest ways to help your company grow.

Talk Triggers

A talk trigger refers to creating an element of your business that triggers positive talk and word-of-mouth about your company, which will naturally generate growth. Talk triggers will typically be remarkable enough for people to want to talk about it, enough to make an impact but scalable at the same time, and repeatable, creating an amazing experience for many different customers.

Free Trials

The option to try something out before you buy it is not a new one, but these days, it’s something that has become more and more expected. A freemium pricing model is one great example of a business model that works these days, especially with the millennial generation, who are used to self-serve options. Free trials are an extension of the fact that almost anything that you want to know is easy to find online, giving customers the option to get fully informed about something before deciding whether or not to pay for it.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly more popular strategy these days. While it might not be a SaaS specific method of advertising a company, it can work especially well for software-as-a-service companies by providing more information about the benefits of the business through a trusted source. Influencer marketing is a strategy that does not have to be expensive, but it’s important that you are strategic about it by finding influencers that could be ideal users of your platform or already a part of your industry, and reaching out to them.

Sell a Service

SaaS businesses that experience a lot of fast growth can attest a lot of their scale to good sales. Running your sales department like you are selling a service is important in this type of business. Many successful SaaS companies use strategies like emails offering a free consultation to potential leads, which give the company more of an agency feel. It’s important to pay strong attention to customer service and make sure that you are persistent with leads, sending multiple follow-ups and learning more about your leads to find out what they need and how your company can help.

Helpful Content Marketing

Any SaaS company needs to work on building SEO and content marketing to boost their organic traffic. When it comes to content marketing, it’s important to make sure that the content is supportive and helpful. Both existing and new customers are likely to ask a lot of similar questions, and your leads and prospective customers will probably want to find out more before they make a decision. Figure out what your customers want to know or what they are uncertain about, and use your content to answer these questions.
For SaaS startups, even the smallest improvements to advertising strategies can have a big impact on growth rates and success.

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