Five Must-Have Things You Need In a Web Hosting Provider

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If you’re thinking about expanding your business by taking it online or simply starting a new online business, your topmost concern must be choosing a web hosting for your website.

Even if you have the best products on the market to compete with your rivals and a marketing strategy that has people coming to your website a crappy website experience can turn them away quite easily.

And don’t get me wrong, you certainly aren’t the only one who is facing these issues, even the largest businesses are not immune to this and everyone faces technical difficulties.

The trick lies in being able to counter these problems and developing a resilient system to minimize site crashes. Here are the things you need in a web hosting provider.

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1. Back It Up

Website Backup

Your topmost priority in all cases is having a backup ready if your website crashes so that as soon as it comes to the notice it can be put right back up. If you do not have stable backup solutions, you are likely to suffer from a severe data loss.

In the event where your websites get attacked (cyber-attacks) or you simply suffer from a glitch in the system, the content of your site should be backed up and easily accessible to you in a matter of minutes.

You should consider the one-click off-site backup option, primarily because it allows your data to get back up ASAP. This way you can easily access your data in times of dire need.

Also, make sure the strategy is applicable to not only your data but the Web Host’s data as well in an event where something goes wrong with the server.

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2. Keep the Security Tight

Website Security

Your second top-most priority, which in some cases is the number one priority of people, is the security of your website. If you are an online vendor, chances are you have credentials of people saved on your website.

You are always facing a threat of cyber-attacks and malware that can lead your website to crash. Similarly, all the private information of your customers is at risk as well.

An easy way to go about this is by choosing a web host service that uses end-to-end encryption. If the company uses encryption technology for communication between the user and server, you can sure that hackers won’t be able to intercept it. So the hackers who are looking to hack the information of people get nothing.

When you’re discussing the features with your Web Host, confirm the details about the password storage, you do not want to get services from a Hosting Company that stores passwords in plain text.

3. Efficient Customer Support

One thing about the internet is that it always up and running if you ship across the globe or even if your products do not require to be shipping, you are likely to have customers from across the globe.

Therefore, you need a support team that is actually available 24/7. If you notice the traffic coming from the globe, it is time to upgrade to web hosting that offers seamless customer support round the clock.

Also, you should look for the Web hosting companies that provide you with a support team that is local, communicating in your language is a lot easier than being stuck in broken English which is often used as the universal language.

Your next focus should be on the quality of service that is provided by this customer support, are they actually experts in the field? Also, you should remember to confirm the wait times from the Web Host and how long the support team takes to respond to emails or messages.

4. User-friendly

It’s true that you should hire the experts with the most immaculate analytics to help run everything smoothly but at the same time, you need everything to be not-too-complex and give you the maximum control.

It is worthwhile to learn a little about what the inbuilt analytics of a Web Host has to offer. It is the analytics that drives your content and other marketing strategies. You should keep in mind that these options are a) easy to access and b) can be updated in real-time.

It’s pretty much useless to obtain services that do not easily let you integrate the changes in your website. The login capabilities should be quite simple and straightforward.

Some web hosts offer a control panel that lets you access and edit your website and they also offer search engine optimization tools.

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5. Plan The Growth

Another aspect that you probably would not look into is planning the growth of your website. The scalability of your website is an important feature and as your website grows, its traffic grows.

You are going to need Web Hosting that can deal with this growth and your website doesn’t crash. Often, people who opt for Shared hosting face this issue in long run.

You should ask the Web Host about what their uptime is, and you should also confirm it from other customers even if they confirm it to be 99.99%. Shared hosting brings other troubles as well if one website on the shared server is down you’re likely to take ablow from this glitch as well.

If it won’t bring your website down it is sure to impact the speed, and that will negatively affect your customer’s satisfaction with the overall experience.

While it is easy to put up a website online, managing it to give a seamless experience to the customers is not a very easy task. So before you strike up a deal with your Web Host you should consider looking into all these factors and find out if it works for you or not.

You can probably overlook a couple of these features if you intend to keep your business on a small scale, but if you’re eventually going to expand then planning ahead would be a good option.

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