New Tech Horizons: 3 Reasons the Tech World is Focused on Gaming Apps


It seems like more of the tech world than ever is focused on gaming apps. Even companies that you wouldn’t expect tend to have one or two subsidiaries plugging away at making new versions of games using proprietary technology.

Understanding why this happens is a matter of understanding what makes mobile gaming so attractive. Below are just a few of the factors that bring tech companies to the gaming space.

Games are Understandable

Games are remarkably easy for people to understand, both during the development process and after. Even small children grasp the basics of games with relatively little work, making them an ideal platform for spreading new ideas. Games don’t require an elevator pitch to garner interest – simply put, they are interesting enough on their own.

Games don’t have to be simple, but their overall simplicity is attractive to companies that work in the tech sector. Taking the simple framework of a game and using as a scaffold for building up new technology seems much less risky than trying to debut the technology on its own.

Games capture the imagination – once people can grasp the simple mechanics, they’ll become much more open to the more esoteric applications of any type of technology.

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Wider Adoption Rates

Perhaps the most obvious reason that the tech world is focused on gaming apps is the adoption rate. Almost everyone with a smartphone has at least one game installed, and using this kind of install base makes it much easier to roll out new technology.

While you might not get many takers to invest in an eight-hundred dollar piece of machinery, a tech firm can try out some of that same technology among the millions willing to have a quick adventure with Final Fantasy 15.

Because users already tend to congregate towards games, tech firms will continue to use them as ways to pilot technology. The new tech might be hidden under layers of game systems, but the companies still get the real-world data they need from how the players interact with their products.

Simply having a wider install base available is a better way to test how well new technologies work with a bigger group of people.

There’s Profit to be Made

By this point, most people are aware that games make up a sizable percentage of the entertainment marketplace. Regularly meeting and exceeding the profits made by movies or sports, games are a great source of profit for anyone agile enough to take advantage of the latest trends or innovative enough to start one of their own.

It’s no wonder that tech firms care so much about the game space – it’s one where they can bring their investors and stockholders a great deal of money while still innovating on the side.

That’s not to say that gaming is always a side business, of course. Gaming can be a core part of any tech company’s business. Simply knowing that there are massive profits to be made, though, is often quite encouraging.

In a profit-focused industry, it would be ridiculous to assume that such a motivated part of the market would be ignored.

Gaming companies wisely pay attention to gaming applications because they work well in concert with their core concerns. They can demonstrate new technology to a wider range of people and do so at a profit.

Companies that ignore this space not only ignore the potential of making money, but waste the chance of demonstrating something new to a willing audience. It’s no wonder, then, that so many game companies make sure to keep their eye on what’s going on in the gaming world.

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