5 SEO Challenges You Are Bound To Face In Your Career

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Doesn’t really matter if you are a part-time SEO professional, a one-person army, doing everything independently, or have a big firm that employs individuals to take care of the digital marketing of multiple companies in one place, SEO challenges are inevitable.

For any agency, big or small, SEO challenges come in the form of angry and dissatisfied customers, malfunctioning websites, internal issues, logistics issues, and SEO campaigns caving in with no practical explanations. These issues and challenges are resolvable with a little patience and poise. However, it is always better to be well prepared and better equipped to move ahead in a game.

However, training in SEO tactics and strategies can help you land a firm foot in the field and be prepared to face every curveball that the circumstances will throw at you. Well, proper SEO Training Course can prepare you to face and solve these problems that are a part of the digital marketing realm, and only knowledge and experience will have you face it with ease.

Let us see what the challenges can be and how you can solve them.

1. Balancing between work and customers

There comes a time in every business when the workload seems way too much, or you feel inefficient in meeting up with the deadlines and delivering what was promised to the clients. Understand that this is a part of running a business. Having a nervous breakdown or feeling insecure will not help. Take a break. Breathe. And re-start your work with a fresh mind and a complete project management plan.

One rates the success of the SEO campaign not by the means but by the result, and you achieve success in the small tasks you have performed diligently. Constant updates and keeping up with the time and trend is the key to successful SEO campaigns.

Have a proper plan and structure ready before the onset of the project and start recording progress, glitches and the remedial measures taken to help you keep the project in control and maintain a balance between the workload and happy clients.

2. Keeping up with the trend

Search engine algorithms change almost every day and keeping up with the changes and upgrades weighs heavily on one’s shoulders. Search engines are used extensively by internet users and to provide complete satisfaction to them, search engine pages like Google and Bing keep themselves updated and user-friendly. As an SEO firm, you need to be aware of the constant changes and updates by the search engine pages.

The best way to save time and effort while keeping up with the changes is investing in the tools that make life easier. These tools become even more important when you are trying to expand or foray into other related fields, and market research becomes an even bigger task. Tools like Keyword search, Tracking, Heatmap, and such will help your employees in working faster and more efficiently.

3. A sudden drop in rank ratings

The most successful SEO campaign in your company is working very well, and you have a wonderful relation with your client, and suddenly the rating crash. You are upset, your client is upset, and there is hardly anything you can do at the moment since the search engine has changed the search pages algorithm.

This is a common occurrence in the SEO field, and only patience and proper planning can help you jump back without much damage, i. e. sabotaging your work-relation with the client. You need to have a protocol to prevent ratings drop in case the algorithms undergo a change and be prepared to guide the clients in case the rating drop is due to their budget constraints or any such issues.

4. Treading into unsure waters

Seo tactics don’t work alone. It is a packaged deal with content, web designing, social media ads, paid ads, and other online marketing mediums. It is a plausible step to provide every service to the clients in order to give them a consistent online presence and also so that the customers get all they want in one place.

However, foraying into multiple mediums might mar the one thing that you are expert in. You might land into deep trouble trying to provide every service to the clients, like a failed emailed immigration, and get the client really angry. At this juncture, the clients don’t give a penny about the SEO rankings. Thus, instead of trying your hand in every medium, it is better to stick at what you are best in and provide expert services to the clients.

5. Giving importance to the metrics over leads

For a business owner, it is the leads that matter and the sales that have managed to achieve due to the website and other SEO tactics that you have employed. At the end of the day, that is all it matters to them. If they are not getting any leads or their sales are going down, and you are to tell them about the updates and changes in their website or the tools you have used or the high bounce rates you have achieved for their website, it is all a waste for them.

Thus, it is time to stop investing time and efforts in the metrics that don’t yield the desired results but work upon what does work for the clients.

Being prepared to face adversities is the need for every business and the SEO field is no different. Even with proper planning and preparedness, there are challenges, unwarranted delays, mishaps, and disasters ready to happen. You might lose your most loyal client unexpectedly to another firm for their lesser quoted budget, increase in competition due to a rise in the number of firms in the same field, leases, and many such issues that may plague your SEO firm.

However, the biggest question is how prepared you are to face these issues. We say, be prepared, be creative, be flexible, and rise to the occasion and meet the challenging eye to eye.

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