Search Wars: Five Brands Killing It at SEO

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Are you getting lost in the SERPS shuffle? Take your cues from the heavyweights themselves. Here are five SEO examples from brands that get optimization.

You know that digital marketing is important to your brand and your company. It’s hard to find a company that doesn’t spend on digital marketing, whether in-house or with a partner agency. In fact, Forbes estimates that US digital marketing spend will reach $120 billion by 2021.

If you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of digital marketing, but also don’t want to break the bank, SEO is an ideal option for you. SEO – or search engine optimization – is a content marketing strategy that can cost no money at all. With the right SEO strategy, your website can rank high on organic search result pages.

Five Brands Killing It at SEO

Looking for some inspiration? We’re sharing five SEO examples from companies that are leading the way in SEO performance. From e-commerce sites to software companies, we’re covering stand-out websites that are killing it in the SEO game.

1. Etsy – The Content King of SEO Examples

You’ve heard that content is king, and Etsy is one site that has taken that to heart. Etsy has developed a strong, comprehensive content strategy to dominate search results. The site has a daily blog, helpful anchor links, and a deep navigation structure, and valuable user-generated content.

2. Amazon – The Behemoth Wins with User-Generated Content

Like Etsy, Amazon knows that content rules but depends almost primarily on user-generated content. With ratings and reviews, users are generating content with the same language other Amazon customers will use to search the site. Amazon also benefits from influencer links and guest posts – a unique backlinking strategy with its own unique details and guidelines.

3.Woot – Bringing Value and Usability through Awesome Architecture

You can have the best, strongest content on your site, but if it isn’t structured properly, it isn’t going to matter. Woot’s site is one of the best SEO examples to show the value of a well-designed architecture of menus and internal links. The site structure offers easy usability for its customers and great rankings for the company.

4. Hubspot – Boasting Exceptional Homepage SEO

A strong homepage should have headings, calls-to-action, and of course, content. Hubspot has all that, and its homepage ranks high for its targeted keywords. They have a clear main headline, concise but descriptive content, and good use of content in their secondary headline tag, too.

5. REI – Using Quick Load Time to Boost SEO

The best SEO examples go beyond keywords and well-placed backlinks, and we’re focusing on REI to demonstrate the importance of meeting user expectations. The outdoor gear brand has a site that’s known to load in close to one second. Studies show that users are more likely to click away from a site if it takes more than a few seconds to load, so search results cater to this expectation.

Dominate Digital Marketing Beyond SEO

We know it takes more than awesome SEO to win at digital marketing, so we’ve created a blog that covers more than just helpful SEO examples. We’re proud to offer guidance and tips on everything from email marketing to social media marketing. Whether you’re going at it alone, hiring in-house experts, or working with an outside partner, you’re to find our content valuable.

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