Robotic Process Automation – Is it really the future of outsourcing?


First of all, let’s discuss what actually RPA means and how does it work?

RPA refers to Robotic Process Automation. Which in simple words, is the automation of offices, industries, and businesses. In RPA the offices and businesses use Information technology, software and artificial intelligence to carry out different kinds of processes instead of doing manually.

Everyone is aware that the IT and the technology industries are taking over the whole world, creating a great amount of unemployment by replacing the manual labors with automated robots. In the same way, RPA is also taking over the outsourcing network.

Because just like the other robot ran industries, modern businesses are turning its back on humans and instead of outsourcing to offshores, they carry out those jobs onshore with the help of RPA.

A question arises that why to use ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION in offices?

RPA uses the concept of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and software robots. A software developer uses the scripting language to create a pathway for the software robots to follow.

According to the instructions given by the operator, it carries out data processing, calculation, management and many more in just a fraction of the time with 100 percent precision. This reduces the time and capital used to do the job. Not only this, it is also very flexible, reliable and consistent.

Keeping these reasons in mind, everyone wants to have RPA for their businesses. Because in business, time and money are the most precious thing and everyone wants to save them.

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There are websites and companies which are totally based on outsourcing. These are called BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING. BPO takes projects from different businesses and companies to process those projects for them.

But nowadays, such companies look to be in great trouble by the increasing demand and use of RPA technologies. Because their customers are willing to install RPA software in their business to reduce processing time and also to get their jobs done with great accuracy. This alternately breaks the relation between the customers and the BPOs.

But this is only one face of the circumstance. This evolution has also brought positive signs for the BPO industry. It has given a chance to step ahead and come out of the conventional method of dealing with outsourcing clients.

A BPO company can get the jobs done with the help of the RPA software and AI instead of hiring too many employees, which results to be time and cost effective, alternatively resulting in more and happy customers.

Not only this, when BPOs convert its mode of function from conventional methods to modern ones using the under discussion software, they can save its expenses on different tools and instruments which are used for a conventional method of processing.

According to a research by HARWARD BUSINESS REVIEW, most of the groups who are installing RPA mode of working have assured its employees not to be terminated or temporarily dismissed.

They take this technology as a helping tool or we can say a good companion who works side by side and help the workers. This results to be more fruitful for the companies having the same number of employees.

For skillful people, there is always space. Those people who acquire technical education and gets command of it are more likely to be blessed by this technology than anyone else. But overall it is a great gift for everyone working in any field because they have a good companion to help him with their work.

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