How to relieve and prevent joint pain?

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Your joints are the connecting parts of your bones and endure a whole lot of stress on them. They support your body weight and also allow you to move. Although they are made to endure the weight and stress of your body, they are sometimes subject to wear and tear, resulting in severe joint pain that can make one quite uncomfortable.

There are a number of reasons that could cause your joint pain such as trauma, strains, diseases, wounds and other medical conditions such as tendonitis and osteoporosis. Arthritis is one of the main issues that cause joint pain in severe conditions, however, it is crucial to understand that pain in the joints can differ from person to person and treat them accordingly. Supplements such as Perfectil or prescribed by your doctor are crucial in keeping your bones and joints healthy. Here are a few ways that will help you relieve and prevent joint pain:

1. Ice therapy

Applying cold packs to joints reduces blood flow and thus reduces swelling as well. Continually giving an ice press to the joint should give you some pain relief and help you heal. Remember, not to apply the ice pack directly your skin as you might experience a cold burn then. Wrap it around a towel or a clean washcloth and do the ice therapy.

2. Hydrotherapy

Warm water application to your joint can help in easing the pressure and relieving pain. You can either give your joints warm water compress or have a warm bath.

3. Massage

A massage can do your body more good than just relieve joint pain. It increases blood flow and has several other benefits for your body. Have your massage done by a professional, in order to prevent any more damage. Also remember, that the pressure of your massage should always be towards the direction of your heart.

4. Medications

Sometimes joint pains can give you unbearable trouble and that time, it is best to visit a doctor. Antibiotics may help relieve pain for a while or numb the area with suitable balms. They may also help me stiffness and swelling. Ensure that you explain your pain correctly to your doctor in order for him/her to understand the underlying cause and prescribe medicines accordingly.

5. Exercise

Exercise is an integral part in keeping your body healthy. However, when you have a joint pain, ensure you pick an exercise that keeps you within limited movements that your pain can endure. Also, it is best to consult a professional as to what kind of exercises will help your joint problems heal. You can also try supplements like Jointace for better bone health.

6. Rest

Rest is extremely crucial in any kind of healing process. One of the best ways to relieve and prevent joint pain is to get enough rest. This will not only repair the body naturally, but also help restore energy in your body.

7. Physical therapy

This form of therapy requires a professional to help you out. It involves specialized movements that can help relieve any kind of joint pain. Sometimes forms like Bikram yoga and Ayurveda are also considered as physical therapy.

These simple tips and tricks can help you alleviate and prevent joint pains to a great extent. However, if the pain is very serious, it is best advised to consult a doctor.

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