What you cannot afford to overlook for iPhone X App Development


The Apple industry took the world by storm after launching its exclusive iPhone X.

Every new Apple device and software has a lot to offer to its users. Apple reminded the users to get alert and get their apps ready for the new device. The latest device has set a benchmark for the competitors to compete with.

The hype and success of the app rely on the amazing value-added features such as Face ID, wireless charging, wide screen size, and swift processing.

Apple has never compromised on the quality it offers to its users and it continues to improve day by day and satisfy the customer’s interest. Apple demands the development of an app to be exceptional and ahead of the tech world.

The vital question pops up when designing an app for iPhone X that what are the factors you cannot afford to overlook when developing an iOS application.

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Factors to Consider while Developing iPhone X App

  • Wider Space to Work with

The prominent feature of iPhone X is the large screen size. As compared to the previous models the new phone offers more space to experiment with which means that developers can take advantage and make good use of wider space.

More efficiency can be seen on larger screen and developers can make use of white space and margins.

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  • IOS App Compatibility

It’s essential for every Apple device to be compatible with all the other devices. Multiple Apple devices iPad, iPhone, iMac are available and every device should be compatible with one another.

This is one challenging for developers to always consider while developing an app. Always test iPhone app before it identifies an issue.

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  • Including 3D Touch Interaction

The 3D touch has been a new addition to the new iPhone. It lets the user to an additional access to the screen by applying pressure. The app can display set of menus with showing additional info or animation.

The task can be performed easily with the pressure on the app icon. The developers need to work on this factor and make sure to develop fast action apps and the actions are clear.

  • App User Interface

IOS devices are preferable due to its clean and simple user interface and seamless user experience. Therefore, your app needs to create an attractive user interface and make use of the screen size optimally.

Previously it used to be a challenging task to display core features on a small screen but now the case has changed. Developers need to make the UX attractive and appealing enough to enhance the visibility.

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  • Beta User Testing

Beta testing is an effective way to test the app which enables the users to check the functions and features of the app and if there’s an issue it can be resolved before the release.

It will help you detect the bugs and glitches that may affect the user experience. Remove the bugs and you may see app performance getting better.

  • Design layout

The developers should have a clear understanding of the design layout. The layout carries great importance when designing an app and the developer should design the layout and interface to offer maximum full-screen experience.

Always keep in mind app design, colors and fonts during designing the app layout for offering an optimal user experience.

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  • App Store Approval

A developer needs to ensure to follow the strict rules and regulations presented by Apple. So that the app gets the approval. Your app should be up to the mark to avoid app rejection from apple app store. Complying with rules and guidelines will prove to be beneficial and will save your time.

  • Get App Feedback

With a lot of new features and additions in the latest addition. Apple acts as a helping hand and lets the developer get to know about the reviews and feedback regarding the app with the assistance of X code.

This will help identify the problems that need to be resolved and in a way make corrections and improve the functions of the app.

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  • Limitations in Performance and Memory

One of the important thing not to overlook when developing an iOS app is to manage the performance and memory. The developers find it hard to manage with the memory apps in iPhone doesn’t have garbage collection.

You need to optimize your app in order to develop a mobile-friendly app which helps in avoiding app termination.

In Conclusion

The new features offer designers and developers to work on a high resolution and show creativity to the users in a way they haven’t seen before. These are some of the major factors that should not be overlooked in order to provide a seamless user experience to the iPhone users.

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