Networking at the Optimum Speed: When You Need to Send Files Across the Lines You Will Need the Right Software


Using managed file transfer software will ensure that you can transfer any type of file, both internally and externally, no matter how large.

Not using it introduces a wide range of problems and opens you up to a whole bunch of cyber security risks you simply cannot afford to take. Of course, there are other reasons to consider it:

Compliance with the local laws and regulations

If you want to stay fully compliant, regular solutions just aren’t going to cut it – investing in managed file transfer software is mandatory. The more regulated the industry you’re operating in, the more important this gets (good examples of this are the healthcare and the finance industries).


Most cyber-criminals are targeting the consumer-grade software, since it also happens to be the easiest one to break into. If you upgrade to a more secure solution, they will simply move on to an easier target and leave you alone.


When it comes to file transfer, you can never be too careful. Not having a centralized solution and letting your employees use their private accounts for file transfer is not a wise idea.

After all, you never know; they may use something like ‘123456’ as their password, and this is essentially the only layer of protection between your sensitive data (like contracts) and the outside world.


As you’ve probably been able to learn on your own, in the world of business, time is money. In other words: if a piece of software allows you to finish a given task faster, then it not only saves you time, it also saves you money (since that time can be spent on other things that further your business).

With the help of automation, you will have the option of spending your time in a more efficient manner.

Overcoming the limits

When dealing with large file sizes, file transfer limits become an increasing concern. For example, Gmail only allows you to send 20MB worth of data in a single email, which could prove to be quite problematic if you’re using as the primary file transfer method.

Automated file conversion

Are you looking for a way to automatically convert one type of file to another? By choosing the right software for file transfers, you will easily be able to convert .xml files to .csv files or any similar conversions. In the end, this will end up saving you a lot of time.

User-friendly reporting

When trying to figure out a way to become more efficient when working with large volumes of files, analytics and customized reporting are the things that will help you with smoothing out the process and making things more efficient.

So make sure that the managed file transfer solution you end up choosing supports it. The best ones will also perform a compliance audit and tell you if there are any things you still need to fix.


As you can see, a managed file transfer software solution is a no-brainer when all of the benefits are considered. The alternative is losing tons of time and subjecting yourself to the risk data security breaches. Hardly a decision to make, right?

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