15 Ways To Make Money Online With WordPress Blog

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WordPress is the largest content publishing platform with numerous professional themes for bloggers. Most of the top bloggers have turned their passion into full-time blogging.

However, blogging in itself is a broader term as it is not only related to making money online but also connecting with the people around. They can be like-minded bloggers or small businesses that are looking forward to making an online presence.

Here the conversion of visitors into subscribers is a triumph that will get the blogger to a long way. WordPress rules almost 27% of all the content platforms and below are 15 efficient ways to make money online through WordPress blog.

Ways To Make Money Online With WordPress Blog

1. Pick an Interesting Blogging Niche

Pick an Interesting Blogging Niche

If you are attracted to food, fashion, lifestyle, travel, health and fitness, technology, etc. then choose the blogging niche carefully. The bloggers can convert their passion into full-time earnings only by supplying the right information or reviews to the readers.

One can use popular keyword tool generators by the WordPress development services providers that can help your blog to appear on the top.

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2. Creation of Amazing Content

Creation of Amazing Content

Make sure that your blog contains incredible topics that will glue the readers to your blog for a long time. In today’s competition, one has to post outstanding blogs in order to appear in maximum searches.

The WordPress development services include offering high-quality images, offering links to relatable topics and statistics, and in-depth writing of points.

3. Using Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

The recommendation of the products or services to the audiences using a special link comes under affiliate marketing. When the visitors purchase the products through your referral links, the blogger will receive a commission.

Many products offer affiliate marketing programs, but the blogger needs to mark up those products that they use for their personal use too.

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4. Displaying of the Google AdSense

Make Money With Google AdSense

In this, the blogger needs to add a script to Google that will start displaying the ads. Every time a visitor to the specific blog site clicks on the advertisement, the blogger is paid.

These is known as CPC ads or the “Cost per Click” ads that pay a particular fee to the blogger. One can take this service from the best WordPress development services providers.

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5. Make Investments in the Right Blogging Tools

The investments in the right blogging tools related to SEO, keyword search, analysis of Backlinks, advanced grammar checkers, auditing of the site, competitor’s research, etc. will help the bloggers go a long way.

If you are keen to earn money and want concrete results, then bloggers can hire the popular WordPress development from companies who offer relevant blogging tools.

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6. Do Analyze Successful Blogs of Top Bloggers

Studying the blogging site and guest posts of the top bloggers will bring you a long way. The important factor for their popularity is the consistency in their work.

You can write high-quality guest posts for their sites and build a relationship with them. The newbie must create their E-mail listing, which is also the source of making nearly 80% of the income.

7. Creation of E-Books

Make Money with E-Books

While presenting your free blog to the visitors and subscription the blogger can turn the visitors into his or her fans.

This becomes the right time to introduce the E-Books for sales alongside by representing similar in-depth information as discussed in blogs.

You can also carry out polls on the E-books and topics, which will be interested in purchasing.

8. Direct Advertisement through WordPress Plugin

The bloggers can also earn money through direct advertisement by selling the space on their blogs for ad banners to businesses.

Here the blogger can negotiate the price and charge the flat rate that will bring them a suitable income. You can even contact the Professional WordPress development services provider.

9. Earn Money with Sponsored Blog Posts

The bloggers want to maintain the quality of their content and do not want to annoy the visitors with pop-up ads.

They can do sponsored posts where they have to write about the particular product and services of a company. This way you can be paid but one needs to add, “Sponsored Post” as a Prefix to the WordPress blog title.

10. Sell the Established Blogging Site

Most businesspersons are interested in buying the established blogging sites with huge traffic. This is the best way to earn money while blogging, but you need to know what types of websites are in demand. You can auction them via a WordPress development company and earn money.

11. Creation of Membership Sites

Earn Money using Membership Sites

Most of the readers are ready to pay for the premium content of the top blogging sites. The blogger can create a “Member Only Area” where you can offer in-depth posts, videos, audios, podcasts, etc. These membership sites help in generating a good amount of money.

12. Become a WordPress Related News Blogger

Most of the bloggers use WordPress but skip the latest updates and patches that WordPress launches related to its themes and plugins.

You can become a WordPress News blogger by announcing the new patches, tools, changes in plugins, etc. This will help you generate money through download links.

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13. Growing the Audience

The building of the blogging site is not enough, as one needs to grow the audiences by promoting it on Social Media sites.

One needs to publish frequently and share the links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The important aspect is that your content should be SEO-friendly too.

14. Provide One-on-One Advice

If you are running a successful blogging site, then one can create a private discussion Forum. Here readers who expect personal advice need to pay and discuss the relevant issues. This is the best way to earn recurring revenue.

15. Organizing a Webinar

Webinars are great in bringing the readers and the bloggers on one platform. The bloggers can host the paid webinars on trending topics with the help of the best WordPress development services company. You can use the site for advertising and registering the participants.

Overall, blogging is not at all a get-quick rich scheme but needs consistent efforts from the blogger’s site to post original and fresh content for the readers.

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