Love Video Games? Consider Turning Your Passion to a Profit on Twitch

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There are not too many people in the world who have the luxury of working a job that they actually enjoy doing, especially if what you enjoy doing is playing video games. The video game industry is definitely a lucrative business that actually beat out the Box Office in the first half of 2018, but to actually play games as a source of income can seem pretty impossible.

I mean, think about it… who really loves what they’re doing while doing what they love? It’s seemingly unheard of, right? Not at all! If you indeed love playing video games, you can earn money as a gamer through the platform Twitch. If recognizes Twitch as a heavy-hitter in the gaming industry, then you have to see what all the fuss is about!

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What in the World is a Twitch!

That’s something your grandparents would say, right? Not necessarily. There are people who are avid gamers and know nothing about Twitch. Twitch is a platform that allows you to stream videos of yourself playing video games. People who visit the site can actually watch the videos you post-playing video games too. The way you make money isn’t dependent on the viewers of your videos, but more so the broadcaster (the player).

How It Works

So, users of Twitch create a channel that will stream a live video of them playing a game. As a gamer, you know that you’re either a PC game or a console player, so these videos pretty much come from one of the two options. A Twitch viewer will be able to see the actual footage of the game being played, plus you’ll get webcam footage of the player playing the gaming, typically with commentary of what they’re doing in the game or funny reactions and comments.

So if you were paying attention, there are three main components to creating your Twitch channel:

  • Gameplay footage- the actual game
  • Webcam footage- the player
  • Commentary- audio (comments, reactions, etc.)

With those three components, that should let you know that you’re going to, at the least, need a gaming console or computer, a computer, and a microphone headset.

How Often Can I Stream?

The streams on Twitch are 24 hours. Now, that doesn’t mean for you to stay up streaming your games for 24 hours! Some people like to upload pre-recorded videos, and you can… it’s fine, but the whole point of Twitch is LIVE streams.

Let’s Get Set Up

Just like any other site, signing up for a Twitch channel is a very simple process. You go through the same type of login set up, or you can use your Facebook account information. Now, the way you actually broadcast your gaming will be dependent on if you’re a PC gamer or a console player, as well as the type of equipment you’ll be using. If you are planning on streaming from your PC, investing in a high quality pcs built for gaming can ensure that your gaming is to a top quality and that the visuals are superb for the audience watching.

If you’re a little confused on how to get started, you can rest assured that Twitch has different chat rooms and discussion forums where you can ask the help of other Twitch users.

Now We’re Getting to the Good Stuff… How to Make Money on Twitch: Get a Sizable Following

In Order to Be Successful, You Need to Get a Good Following

So you’ve gone through the process of setting up your channel and now you’re ready to start streaming. One of the first things you will need to do is figure out what kind of broadcaster you want to be… set the tone of your channel.

  • Is your channel going to be a comical one full of funny reactions and comments, or a serious one?
  • Are you aiming for your channel to be helpful to other gamers with tactical tips?
  • What type of games is best to stream on Twitch?
  • What type of gamer are you trying to be? A funny one or portray yourself as the best?

Get Active in Chat Rooms

Streaming live videos aren’t the only ways to establish a following. To increase your following, you’ll want to interact with your viewers by way of chat rooms. Viewers may ask your opinions and thoughts on certain games, what’s the best brands of gaming mice to buy, and they just may simply want to get to know you better.

Avenues of Revenue

Advertising Revenue

You can make money in advertising by the number of people visiting your channel that clicks on ads. From the money you make, a small percentage of it will be shared with Twitch and the remainder will be paid to you via Paypal.

Referral Links

Also, you can add links to your page promoting different games. Now, because Twitch is owned by Amazon, those referral links will need to be linked to Amazon pages.


Once you’ve established your brand, gotten your name out there, and your following has grown, you might be surprised at how different brands might start reaching out to you for sponsorship! They may not offer you cash payments upfront, but they might send you free stuff like games and gaming apparel!


Donations are not a form of begging by any means. You’ll have to set this feature up on your channel but anyone can donate to you… fans or subscribers. You’ll receive payment through PayPal.

Tips to Remember

Take Baby Steps

When you first start out on the journey of gaming for income, start out small. This is definitely not a form of income that you can leave your Monday-Friday job for. Set up your account and start uploading videos to see how your channel takes off.

Consider a Financial Advisor

If you start getting really good and build up a good-sized following that’s bringing you considerable amounts of money, you may want to consult with a financial advisor. A financial advisor will be able to help you plan your finances as far as where you want them to go and how to get there.

Look Into an Agent

If you start getting requests for sponsorship, you might want to look into hiring an agent to help you understand how to negotiate deals.

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