How To Increase Your Social Media Following

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A larger social media following can really help your brand grow and potentially be game-changing – here are some tips on doing so.

1. No Two Social Media Platforms Are The Same

Facebook is very different from Twitter. Instagram is very different from Facebook. Keep your social media accounts separate or you risk turning off your followers.

Get to know each platform. Determine what works; for example, on one platform, short messages that are to the point are best. However, on another platform, it may be more appropriate to share “stories” with your followers. According to Agency2, you need to figure out how you can best showcase your company and what you stand for.

2. Stop Selling Aggressively

No one wants to see the hard sell on social media. Facebook even takes a stand against it; they choose not to show posts that are too promotional as often in news feeds. This is something that you should take seriously because you want to remain visible on Facebook.

Of course, your marketing message is important to you. However, if you promote too aggressively, you will lose followers. Instead, be relevant, be informative, and be open.

3. Communicate

You will get questions on social media from your followers. Make sure you answer those questions. In doing so, there will be more interactions on your page, which can only mean good things for you and your brand. When you are responsive, potential customers see that they can count on you for good support. They know you will be there if they need you. This is one sure fire way to help yourself stand head and shoulders above the competition.

4. Stay In Budget

Promoted posts can be very helpful to your bottom line. Allocate a budget for this and continue to use promoted posts that help you get more customers. However, make sure you don’t overspend in this area, which can be very easy to do. Instead, have your budget ahead of time and stick to it.

5. Push Good Facebook Content

Reach and interactions are certainly connected to one another. Facebook is very vested in getting users the content they want to see in the news feeds. Obviously, if a user interacts with a post, they had some interest in it. Promoted Post Detection is something to look into; it is important to learn how to help your content perform better.

6. Pick And Choose

You don’t have to be involved with every social network out there. In fact, you probably shouldn’t be, as you likely don’t have the time or energy to fully devote to each one.

Take a look at your content. Determine which platforms make sense for your company and your message and then go from there.

7. Offer Deals And Discounts

Users are following you for a reason; they want special deals and offers, and they are interested in getting information that they can’t get anywhere else. Make it worth it; offer them things that they can’t get anywhere else so that they continue to follow you over time. That is how you build a community.