How to Make It in Digital Marketing as an Absolute Beginner

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Digital marketing, our new definition of everyone’s dream job.

Career-wise, once unemployed people from various walks of life and technical backgrounds claim to have found what they’ve been looking for in this ever-growing digital industry.

Being relatively easy to master and very rewarding too, digital marketing offers a host of employment opportunities to those who thrive in corporate environments and those who don’t.

If you too have been flirting with the idea of becoming a digital marketing professional, we’re glad to inform you that you’ve come to the right place.

To help you jumpstart your career, here’s a guide aimed especially at absolute beginners.

What Does It Take to Become a Digital Marker?

Become a Digital Marker

A lot, though still not much.

A good digital marketer should possess a range of hard and soft skills, so let’s begin with those you certainly already have – tech-savviness and a cooperative attitude.

Being able to use Google for research will only get you so far in this industry. To be eligible for a digital marketing job, you must understand how Google works too.

So, start with that.

Since inbound marketing cannot be separated from the world’s leading search engine, spend some time learning how they function together to contribute to our digital marketing efforts.

Then, you’ll need to get familiar with branding strategies, gain knowledge of advertising and content writing platforms, social media, digital analysis tools, and SEO.

As for your soft skills, keep developing them.

Whether you’ll be looking for employers or clients of your own, you’ll need strong organizational and listening skills, as well as flexibility. Outside-the-box thinking is highly appreciated as well.

Where Can You Train for a Job in Marketing?

On the internet, of course.

Cyberspace is where digital marketing feels right at home. It’s only natural then that you can find all the learning resources you need in an online environment.

Thanks to this easily accessible treasure trove of applicable knowledge, most digital marketing professionals are self-thought. You can train yourself too.

Spend some time researching these resources, as they range from chunk-sized YouTube tutorials to in-depth guides. Look for authority authors and reliable sources.

Then, take the Google Analytics I.Q. Exam to assess how much you’ve learned.

After you’ve covered the basics, take an advanced online course in digital marketing. There’s plenty of them to choose from, and they all offer completion certificates to include in your CV.

Where to Look for a Job in Digital Marketing?

Job in Digital Marketing

You guessed it right – on the internet.

As long as you have a strong online presence and are a part of a network of industry experts, you don’t need much experience to get a job in digital marketing.

So start building both.

Make yourself noticeable on business-oriented social media sites and online marketplaces, such as LinkedIn, UpWork, and Fiverr, and try to connect with business from different sectors.

In time, you can become their digital marketing consultant.

But before you can become a digital marketing professional, you need to establish yourself as a digital marketing expert. That means your first marketing job will be to market yourself.

Invest some time in building and branding your own blog. Publish your thoughts on where the industry is headed, along with your own digital marketing guides and tutorials.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Marketer?

Either than being your own boss?

Digital marketing can make you financially stable, regardless of whether you’ll be working for a marketing agency or decide to run your own business. But this is certainly not its only benefit.

As a career opportunity, digital marketing has another unique advantage over other professions – it allows you to choose your own path and work on your own terms.

Because you can pursue it from the comfort of your living room, it’s a popular choice of skilled but unemployed people ranging from stay-at-home moms to military veterans.

As a military vet, for example, you can benefit from this career by establishing a much-needed work-life balance that can, in time, make you a proud homeowner or a successful entrepreneur.

With digital marketing, the opportunities are limitless.

What Should You Expect from This Career Path?

Try as you might, you cannot become a digital marketer overnight.

Studying and networking are both time-consuming, and you’ll need to spend a couple of months honing your skills and building professional relationships.

So, beware of your own ego. Stay patient and dedicate every unemployed moment to professional improvement. Instead of turning down unflattering job offers, gain some experience.

Commitment is key, so stay focused and motivated.

Good luck!

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