How to Find out Who Owns a Cell Phone Number

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While it’s not easy to find a public cell phone directory, it can be done. You have a number of tools at your disposal to find out who owns a cell phone number or find someone’s business or personal number. There are two types of cell phone number lookup sites. The first type lets you find a number by looking for other details you have about the person who has been calling. The second type is a reverse phone number search, where you can enter the number to see whom it’s registered to.

People Finders

People finders are the best way to find cell phone numbers online. They collect a lot of information, including the person’s name, email, mailing address, and even their employment history. On most of these sites, you can look up people using any information you have on them. Some of them can even be used to find neighbors and relatives. This means that if you’re searching for someone’s number, you may be able to find it by using their neighbor’s name.

Search Engines

If you don’t find the information you need using a people finder, you might get lucky by googling the number. Either way, most of the information made available by paid services is sourced from search engines. You can type the number you are researching into the search bar, followed by “user” or “owner.”

Who Calls Me?

If you suspect a telemarketer or spam service is calling you, you can go to, then enter the number in the text box (10 digits), and click “Search.”


This is a free computing site that generates information about cell phone numbers. It can provide basic details about the location of the caller as well. To search on this site, go to and type the number in the following format “(xxx) xxx-xxxx.” As a result, you’ll see the city the number is registered in, among other information.

Social Media

Looking up a phone number on social media platforms is quick and free. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all allow such searches.


Unlike social media platforms, this service is not free, but it will probably be more effective. You can use it to determine the general location of the number. To see whom it’s registered to, you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium version. The best thing about WhitePages is that its information is current. The fee for 20 searches for one month is just $4.99.

To do a search, you can click on the “Reverse Phone” button located near the top of WhitePages’ homepage. You can enter the number after clicking the search bar in the middle. To the right of the bar, you’ll see a search image. Then, you’ll get a list of results.

You might see the person’s cell phone service, the city they’re in, and/or their initials, depending on the number. This might be enough to go on. If it does not get you the information you need, you can also consider signing up for Premium.

Drawbacks of Number Tracing

Tracing a phone number has some disadvantages. In general, it’s possible to determine what phone the person is using and their approximate location. However, you will need to use a paid service to get a current and accurate version of their number. This isn’t the only drawback to phone number tracing. Moreover, you won’t find their number if they have requested that it be removed from WhitePages and other such services. Finally, your search results won’t be reliable if the phone number has been transferred to another user or deactivated.

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