How is SEO Changing eCommerce Game in India?

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The eCommerce industry is India is on the rise.

This is largely contributed by the rising popularity of online shopping.

The growth is not in India alone, but it has equally reverberated on a global scale.

Last year, for instance, the retail eCommerce sales surpassed 2.3 billion dollars, and this number is expected to be on the rise in the next few years.

Now, while this is certainly extremely encouraging for the eCommerce brands, the presence of so many brands make it hard to crack.
To survive the cutthroat competition, you need to develop new and unique ways to separate yourself from the crowd.

One way to distinguish yourself is through Pragmatic SEO; in the advent of the internet, SEO is increasingly becoming critical in remaining relevant in on the online platform.

Now, whether you’re a manager of a large SEO eCommerce or a growth marketer looking for innovative ways to boost your client’s eCommerce, you need to understand how SEO changes the eCommerce game.

But before then, let’s first see how SEO helps the eCommerce domain.

How Does SEO Help eCommerce?

The essential benefit of SEO on eCommerce sites is attaining online visibility.

With proper SEO, your eCommerce site is availed “everywhere,” and many people can see and access your site.

That said, let’s see how the SEO game changes the eCommerce game in India.

SEO Helps Clients Find eCommerce Websites

Consumer’s purchase decisions have been changing over the years, and today, they’re based on the technological element.
Today, the online search option has become a critical part of the decision making process.

For instance, if clients want to find the best TV in India, what they’ve to do is simply search for the ‘Best TV India” as opposed to visiting the local electronics stores.

While we agree that the brick and mortar shops still play a huge contribution to the client purchase decisions, an increasing number of people are now taking this initiative on the online front.

It’s at this point SEO comes into the picture.

Now, if your eCommerce site has some pretty good SEO, you’re likely to feature on the first page, and probably on the top three results of the SERPs for the best TV India.

With your site visible, it means that many clients will come across it, and consequently, a lot of sales are going to happen, thus paving the way for your business to grow.

A good SEO strategy will not only increase the sale volume but will also contribute to enhanced revenue.

SEO is Equal to Growth

Most of the established companies know how to allocate significant resources in departments that are vital to the success of their goals.

Even better, they minimize their expenditure on activities that have little or no impact on their revenue.

Now, most of the established eCommerce sites borrow a leaf from the principles of successful marketing.

For instance, rather than spending on costly ads or traffic, many of them are an option for SEO strategy.

An SEO strategy will not only reduce dependence on paid web traffic, but the traffic generated by this method is usually free.
With proper SEO, every click, impression, or conversion is free.

Even better, SEO will help to attract highly targeted and substantial traffic at no direct cost.

SEO is Long Lasting

One of the crucial benefits of SEO is that the results generated are not only targeted, but they’re cost-effective and, most importantly, long-lasting and quantifiable.

Contrary to a majority of other marketing techniques that don’t have any shelf life, it’s hard to pull a plug on SEO.

Even better, it’s easier to take a long break for SEO, and upon returning, it’s not surprising to find the strategy as effective as it was before the break.

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