How Blogs Help with Brand Awareness

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Brands that are looking to create a successful awareness campaign are always on the lookout for new methods. You can find a lot of great sources to learn, like a brand awareness guide on the Oberlo website.

However, finding every available tip in a single article is more or less impossible. That is why some methods are not mentioned as much as others.

Blogging is an excellent example of an underrated brand awareness-raising method. On the surface level, it does not seem like writing a blog does anything that could help with letting more people know about the business. Only regular website visitors read the blog. Or so it would seem.

The reality is quite different. Well-researched and interesting articles offer more than one might expect. Here are some great benefits that a blog provides for your brand.

Benefit #1 – Boost to SEO

One of the most significant benefits of great content on a blog is how it boosts one’s SEO rankings. It is difficult to get in the top pages if you do not pour a lot of resources and hire professionals who know about search engine optimization.

Great articles, infographics, and even videos are valuable content, and when it is optimized, you can expect to see an improvement in where you stand on search engines. The next time someone enters a relevant phrase or keyword and sees your name, they will think of your brand as one that is among the very best in the industry.

Benefit #2 – Establish Authority

Not every business is capable of creating a blog that attracts readers. But if you can manage to accomplish this feat, it will do wonders toward establishing authority.

Quite a few people on the internet expect to see a blog, even if a website is oriented toward ecommerce. They may want to read more about the product or service and figure out whether they should spend their money on it.

Providing visitors with valuable information in the form of a blog will show that you care about them. And when someone who appreciates such customer experience will share what he or she found with more people, well, you can expect a more positive impact on the brand.

Benefit #3 – Encourage Cooperation with Other Brands

Encourage Cooperation with Other Brands
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Blogging creates opportunities to attract guest posters on your website. At the same time, having an established blog will also allow you to look for other blogs that would be happy to accept an article from you.

Getting a backlink from a website with high domain authority will improve SEO and bring more traffic from the blog that the article has been published on.

Benefit #4 – Attract More Website Visitors

Attracting new customers or website visitors is hard. That is why it is necessary to ensure that the ones you have right now are not going away. Some brands like to create a newsletter and send weekly or monthly reminders that encourage subscribers to visit the website.

But a blog is also a good method to attract website visitors. Interesting articles are another reason why someone would be willing to revisit the site, even if they have no intention to spend their money. It is all about having more people to spend their time on the website.

Benefit #5 – Provide More Content for Social Media

Provide More Content for Social Media
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Some brands will struggle to have a consistent schedule for their social media pages. Lack of content is a common problem, and if you are aiming to post at least once every day, it becomes inevitable having to rehash old content.

Social media presence plays a prominent role in raising brand awareness, and if it can help with content variety, you should make as much use of that as you can.

Benefit #6 – Get Exposure

Great blog content will get naturally shared by others. Imagine what it would do when an influencer with over 100 thousand followers share your blog post, and everyone sees it.

Of course, the blog content itself has to be of high quality to attract attention from influencers and other brands. But if you work hard toward it, you should be able to get others sharing your articles in no time.

Benefit #7 – Receive Feedback

Receive Feedback
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If you are looking to improve as a marketer and writer for the future, blogging is a good opportunity to receive some honest feedback. Whether it is someone you know personally or a stranger on the internet, see what they have to say about the blog and how it could be changed to raise even more brand awareness.

Benefit #8 – Overtake the Competition

Not every competitor in your industry has a blog. Or even if they do, it does not guarantee that they are writing the best possible content in the industry. If you get a head start, you will have a higher chance to attract more attention, thanks to an already established audience who loves to read your articles.

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