10 Must-Use Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

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Facebook has emerged as one of the powerful platforms for marketing your brand to millions of people across the globe.

Having a website is not enough to generate sales in 2021. To take your eCommerce store to new heights of success, you need to step up your marketing game. To begin with, you can start with Facebook to market your products.

During last year, Facebook had 2.8 billion active users. This means that the businesses have a golden chance to market their eCommerce stores to a wide audience and drive them to their websites.

And the best part?

Facebook is free to join!

Even if your business has just started up, you can launch marketing campaigns on Facebook to attract people to become your customers or at least a part of your community.

Do you want to learn amazing Facebook marketing tips that will escalate your revenue? If yes, then keep scrolling.

Here are 10 tips on how to formulate concrete for your business.

10 Must-Use Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

1. Understand Your Audience

Before launching any marketing campaign, it is mandatory to understand the audience that you want to target. Failure to learn about your audience will make your marketing efforts go in complete vain.

To understand and determine who your potential customers are, you need to study and analyze the demographics and psychographics of your audience.

a) Demographics

Demographics refers to the qualitative and quantitative data of people or a group of people. It includes data such as gender, occupation, educational level, age, etc.

It helps the businesses in identifying their ideal buyers.

b) Psychographics

Psychographics deals with information that revolves around beliefs, nationality, values, opinions, and the overall outlook of the person on something.

This data is extremely important for businesses to craft their marketing strategies. Once you know who your customer is, you must start your research on what he wants from a business.

Extracting this type of information is not easy. There are no tools and applications that will reveal what are the demands, concerns, and questions of the audience regarding a product or service.

It is mostly done by joining different groups, forums, and online communities where your ideal buyers are present. Read the questions raised by them, learn about their views and opinions, and how do they behave in an online world.

Learning about your audience will help you to tailor your campaigns that will capture their attention and make them interested in your eCommerce store.

2. Create Unique Content

One of the most important Facebook marketing tips is to create interesting, unique, and creative content.

If your content is boring and similar to other businesses, then why would people bother to pay attention to yours?

The secret of success and failure of marketing on Facebook solely depends upon the quality of your content. Make sure you create interesting content for the people and keep them engaged. If your content looks boring or makes people sleepy, then they’ll scroll their screens in search of some more interesting and engaging content.

Keep your captions short, sweet, and simple. No need to write long paragraphs, or over-describing your product or its features. Similarly, making the content that is too self-promotional isn’t recommended either.

Your content should first focus on the interests of your customers, and then on sales. Try to make content that will benefit your followers, for instance, an eCommerce store that deals with skin products can create content about how to take care of skin in scorching summers or extremely dry weather. This will interest the people who are into skincare and they will respond positively to such a marketing campaign.

3. Sell Your Products On Facebook

What is your ultimate goal of marketing? To attract more people to buy from you and boost your revenue, right?

Then, either a person buys from your eCommerce store, or a Facebook shop, both are in the favor of your business.

You just have to add a shop on your business page so that the people can buy your products directly from there.

It will also allow you to use other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Zentail, etc. with your Facebook shop. By connecting with these platforms, your products will be displayed on your Facebook shop and there’ll be no need to upload the pictures separately.

4. Create Graphical Content

Gone are those days when people used to read long blocks of textual information. In today’s era, people do not have much time to spare on reading the textual information and posts shared by the business.

The attention span of an average person on a website is 8 seconds. Yes, you read it right. 8 seconds is all that takes a person to be easily distracted. To catch the attention of your customer and to keep him engaged with the content, takes more than just simple text.

Make sure that you post graphical content. It not only looks attractive but also reflects the professional image of a business. Use high-quality pictures and video clips to increase the rate of engagement on your posts and to reach a wider audience.

Professional pictures, infographics, and even videos have a better chance to be shared by a follower on his profile rather than boring paragraphs. A good graphical post will compel the followers to share it and it will increase your brand awareness.

5. Fix A Schedule

Staying active and maintaining a proper profile is a mandatory element to grow your followers, increase your brand awareness, and capture the attention of your prospective customers. Therefore, posting consistently is the key to the success of your eCommerce Facebook strategy.

Posting on Facebook has to be properly planned. What is the purpose of posting when the followers are not engaging, or not available at the time when you posted? Before creating your posting schedule, make sure that you are familiar with the time when your followers are the most active on Facebook.

For instance, if your users are most active on Saturday night, then try to post engaging content on that day. Usually, businesses post more on weekends as compared to weekdays, because people have more time to spare on social media platforms.

You can take help from social media insights to help you determine the best time to post your content. The best practice is to fix the days and times. This will keep your followers prepared when to hear from you.

6. Promote Your Products

The main purpose of bringing the existence of Facebook is to build a relationship with your customers and to let them know about your business, your products, and services, etc.

If you are launching any new product or introducing some offers or deals on your eCommerce store, then inform your followers about it so they can benefit from reduced prices or newly launched products, etc.

Post the pictures of your product and highlight its unique selling point. Tell your audience why it is different than other products available in the market and how it will benefit them. Also, include CTAs to direct them about what their next step should be.

7. Engage With Your Followers

If a follower comments on your posts or asks a question related to your product then don’t leave them hanging, instead, respond to them at your earliest. This also applies to the queries and concerns asked on private messages. Be quick to answer them and prove that customers are your priority.

Similarly, you can repost the picture of your follower if they are using your product (of course with their prior permission). People love getting promoted and famous on social media. Next time if a follower tags you in their picture, or posts something good about your product then don’t refrain from sharing it on your page. It will motivate more people to upload pictures of your product on their profile and get acknowledged by you.

8. Paid Ads

Another successful Facebook marketing tip is to get help from paid ads to market your brand. Facebook ads reach the target audience effectively.

It lets you advertise by age, interests, locations, etc. This in return, enables you to tailor the content to capture the attention of your targeted audience and to convert them into your customers.

And don’t worry… Facebook ads are not going to cost you a fortune. You can always advertise your business page or website according to your budget.

Facebook allows you to choose the price that is economical for your business. You get to fix your price and bid. It won’t charge you more than the price you’ve set yourself.

This amazing social media platform also offers remarketing ads that allow the business to advertise to users who have previously shown interest in your brand or have visited your store.

Remarketing ads target the people who are already interested in your brand and just need a little push to visit your website again. This helps in turning prospective people into your customers.

9. Host Giveaways

Did someone say free goodies? It is the common reaction of people when they come to know about a contest or giveaway hosted by a business page on Facebook.By hosting a contest or giveaway new people will come running to you. Your engagement, following, and even the website on traffic will witness a significant boost.

People will not mind following you and commenting under your posts in return for a few free products. Make sure that the items you sponsor for a giveaway are worthy to your customer. If you are giving away a keychain, then don’t expect people to pour in.

Upload professional pictures of the items you are giving to your lucky followers. The pictures must appeal to their senses and compel them to participate in them.

Similarly, you can start a social media contest. Launch a campaign where you invite people to share their creativity in the form of artwork, pictures, videos, etc. using your product. For instance, a makeup store can invite people to create a makeup look by using their products and get a chance to win gift hampers or discount vouchers, etc.Contests like these excite the followers and they get creative with your products.

10. Use Facebook Stories

The simple rule of thumb for succeeding in is to keep up with the trends, and interests of people. Many social media platforms have introduced the option of posting content for 24 hours. Stories are effective to show the bits and pieces of what goes behind the screen.

You can show your customers the sneak peeks of your products, how your products are packed, who are the people in your team, etc. People love to know more about a brand than just its products. This helps in building a strong relationship with them. You can also post announcements and collaborations on your stories. Facebook stories also help you to measure how many people have seen and reacted to the story. This helps you to understand how wide your message has reached and what was the response of people in 24 hours.


Running an online business has become highly competitive in today’s world. A concrete Facebook marketing strategy will help you to capture a wide audience, increase brand awareness, and pour in profits in your bank accounts.

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