6 Ways Entrepreneurs Maximize Their Mobile Phones to be Ultra-Efficient


Technology has changed how entrepreneurs and business owners run their businesses. Over the years, a growing number of mobile business solutions and apps have been developed to help make entrepreneurs become more effective and efficient in completing their tasks.

Here are some of the ways business people have maximized the use of their mobile phones:

1. Make notes

Mobile phones offer a variety of ways of capturing random thoughts. Most, if not all mobile devices come shipped with a basic notes app where you can document anything including phone numbers, email addresses and links. If you need to be notified or reminded of upcoming events, phones also come with a reminder app or a calendar with a similar feature.

These types of apps typically beep or vibrate to let the user know of an upcoming event or a task that needs to be done. An alternative to writing notes down is to use the mobile phone’s voice recorder.

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2. Respond to queries and emergencies

Responsiveness is vital for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are constantly on the move and may rarely be found inside their offices. However, not being physically present does not mean that they are incommunicado or cannot be contacted by potential clients, customers, suppliers or staff.

Smartphones allow users to make and receive calls, check emails, post status updates and answer messages on social media among others.

Calls can also be forwarded from the office to their mobile phone. This allows the entrepreneur to quickly respond to emergencies and vital client concerns.

3. Process payments on the go

Mobile technology has made it possible for people to complete more admin tasks. One of them includes paying for products and services online. There are now apps and mobile accessories that allow tablets and other similar devices to receive and process credit card payments. No need to purchase a separate credit card machine. You can simply use your smartphone or tablet to take in payments even while on the go.

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4. Use QR codes for marketing

QR codes have made it possible for entrepreneurs to distribute information without filling up an entire poster, brochure or web page. A QR code can be included in a marketing material such as a leaflet or even a credit card sleeve. By scanning the QR code, the individual can be directed to a specific web page which lists down contact information about the company, upcoming events or even exclusive deals and discounts for potential leads.

5. Store documents using cloud technology

Cloud storage has made it possible for entrepreneurs to go paperless. By using cloud technology, both business owners and staff can store and access information online. No need to invest in a mass of filing cabinets or spend hours and hundreds or thousands of dollars filling out forms or making physical copies of documents.

An added advantage to cloud storage is security. With cloud storage, copies of important documents are kept online. This allows businesses to run even with a building file or natural disaster occurrence.

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Cloud-based software works in a similar fashion and allows companies to save up space. With using cloud technology, your desktop, laptop or mobile device won’t need to waste resources in installing or running the app.

Mobile service providers have recognized the importance and demand for cloud storage and cloud-based software. There are now cloud-based services available for businesses of different sizes. Some service providers even include cloud-based services such as CallerID, voicemail and conference bridges as part of their business package.

6. Check finances

If you have implemented a system, using Excel to monitor the business’ long term performance – the actual tracking can still be a challenge. Developers have designed and created apps that make it easier for entrepreneurs to keep track of their finances using their mobile devices.

There are apps that allow users to to check sales by region or date. This gives business owners a glimpse of their company’s financial health and make decisions while on the go.

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Mobile phones and technology now make being an entrepreneur significantly easier. They offer abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their brands and establish relationships with their target market regardless of their location.

Entrepreneurs can grow their businesses from anywhere, whether they are inside the office, on the way to a meeting or even while stuck in traffic. If you are an entrepreneur, try out these methods to see how you can use your phone to grow and expand your business.

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