Top E-learning Platforms in India that are Transforming the Educational Sector

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No matter what industry we look into, coming-of-age technology always takes center stage with quite literally everything revolving around it. And it has never been more accurate than in today’s day and time. Therefore, it was evident that its influence will reach one of the most prominent industries out there — the education industry.

The impact of technology is bringing about a revolutionary change in this sector, which is changing the way we look at education. From breaking the stereotypes to delivering beyond-the-class experiences, technology has presented us with e-learning platforms, which has pushed boundaries everywhere.

Today we will be taking a look at such e-learning platforms in India, which have helped transform the education sector, as we know it.

What is an e-learning platform?

Before knowing about the top e-learning platforms in the country, let us first understand what exactly they are. E-learning platforms are a learning management system, which is a cloud-based package of software that can hold content and resources for learning. Enterprises can access them on a 24/7 basis, and avail the vast content for learning.

They provide the link to go beyond the stereotypical ‘student-teacher’ interactive method of teaching, offering education like nothing before. Along with audio-visual content, graphical illustrations, and online classes, e-learning platforms are the next level of schooling.

• BYJU’s

With its headquarters in Bangalore, India, BYJU’s first launched in the year 2015. Having received the first investment from the Chan Zuckerberg Investment in all of Asia, it can be easily considered as one of the top online e-learning websites in India. Offering engaging resources for all major courses and exams in India, they have set the bar for others to reach. They have also launched their smartphone app, making them easily accessible and highly effective.

• Educomp Solutions

Educomp Solutions started in the year 1994 and has since strived to change the traditional way of teaching in India. They have their headquarters at Gurgaon and has successfully empowered around 65,000 schools with their services, with over 30 million learners in just two decades. They provide resources for four segments, including Higher Learning Solutions, K-12 Schools, School Learning Solutions, and OSG (Online, Supplemental and Global Business).


IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) was first established in the year 1985. They started with near about 67 centers all across the country. Having over 4 million actively-enrolled students, IGNOU is claimed to be the largest university in the world. It is run by the Central Government and deserves a position in the list of top e-learning platforms in India. The main goal of IGNOU is to provide all segments of Indian society with open and distance education.

• Dexler Education

Dexler education focuses more on corporate and industry-based training, along with solutions for talent management and enhanced adoption on the user end. Founded in 2001, they have their headquarters in Bangalore, India. They specialize in the fields of ecosystem, technology, technicality, and language. Their innovative way of providing learning solutions does make them one of the top online e-learning platforms in India.

• Edukart

Being on the newer front, Edukart is no less than the others. Founded in 2011, they provide a staggering 2000+ courses in K-12 sections, degrees, certificates, diplomas, and entrance coaching categories. Their services have helped both students and professionals alike to improve their skills through online entrance coaching. Their solutions have solved any and every problem of those who seek knowledge.


Founded as National Institue of Information Technology in 1981, NIIT is one of the most prominent names when it comes to e-learning platforms in India. They provide various management and training delivery related solutions to individuals, corporations, and institutions alike. Coming to business domains, NIIT expertise in three main categories which includes School Learning Group, Skills and Careers Group, and Corporate Learning Group.

They also adopted various advertising and marketing strategies, including the 1990 initiative ‘Computerdrome’ for the Indian market. They also have launched other initiatives, including the Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship program (1991). This initiative was mainly directed to improve the skills, and thus the quotient of employability of socially challenged students who were deserving.

• Meritnation

A division of Applect Learning Systems, Meritnation is a start-up based out of Delhi. They specialize in catering to the learning needs of school students. Incorporated with video lectures, recorded interactive content, and live video lectures, they have the latest technologies in hand to help the students. They also provide regular tests and assignments, giving an overall assessment of the progress of individual students.

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