What to Do Before You Sell or Give Away Your Mac


What should I do before I sell or give away my old Mac?

Macs still maintain their value even after they have been used for a long time, unlike other platforms.

It is worth re-using an old Mac, selling it or giving it away. But before you sell or give away your Mac, you need to ensure you still have your data and all the information stored on your old Mac securely backed up.

Precautions you should take before you sell or give away your Mac?

If you have decided to sell your Mac, you must ensure to clear it of all your personal data. This is very important as it will help to ensure the person buying or you are giving the Mac to will not access your personal data or your Apple accounts. Cleaning should be thoroughly done both inside and outside.

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Read with me before you clear your Mac of all your personal data.

First, before you clear the data, you must ensure to transfer it to your new Mac or another external hard drive. After you are done with transferring your data to an external hard drive, you will then sign out of all Apple accounts.

The third step is to format the hard drive and reinstall a new or clean version of the operating system. Bravo!! You are done

Get a step by step procedure on what to do before you sell or give away your Mac.

1. Before you sell or give away your Mac: Back up all your personal data

This is the first step to getting rid of your personal data from your Mac. You do not want to sell or give away your Mac with your personal data intact and also, you do not want to lose all your saved data so ensure to back up all your important data and files.

If you have your new Mac with you, you can transfer all your files and data to your new Mac. You can use Migration Assistant to transfer all your documents, files apps, user accounts and settings to your new Mac.

Read here to know how to transfer your data to a new Mac using Migration Assistant. Another option to back up your data is to copy it to an external hard drive. Read here to know how to transfer your personal data to an external hard drive.

2. Before you sell or give away your Mac: Sign out all Apple accounts.

If you have your Mac configured to play iTunes music, access files via iCloud, send and receive iMessage chats and execute some third-party apps, you must ensure to opt out of these Apple services and disable third-party software before you reformat your hard drive.

Remember selling or giving away your Mac with all your Apple accounts not de-authorized, means the person you are selling or giving your old Mac to can access the services with your personal information since all the services and third-party apps are licensed to your under your personal information.

Therefore, to avoid such mess, ensure to sign out of all the Apple accounts that are connected to your personal information. However, if you forget to sign out of all Apple accounts, you can do that through the web and send a message to your third-party vendors to disable your software licenses.

Read here and here to know how to sign out of iTunes, iCloud and iMessage.

3. Before you sell or give away your Mac: Erase and format your hard drive

Now that you have all your documents, files and apps securely backed up and that you are signed out of all Apple services, you can erase and format your hard drive.

Many computer users think that instead of formatting your machine, you can just delete all the stuff from a computer. You think that when you delete your data and empty the Trash you are done, right? You think that the data is gone for good? You are wrong.

Some computer users may use some data recovery utilities to recover all your deleted files. Follow these steps to wipe your Mac permanently.

4. Before you sell or give away your Mac: Reinstall a new version of MacOS.

After you have erased and formatted your Mac Hard it means it is now empty/clean. You now need to reinstall a new version of operating system.

Follow this step by step procedure to reinstall your new version of MacOS. Now your Mac is ready for selling, don’t worry about installing any updates as that will be the responsibilities of the person you are selling or giving your Mac to. They will do all the setup once they start the Mac.

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