Digital Twin Concept Underpins Successful Digitization Strategy

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Digital twin uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, and software that are combined with datasets to create a model of simulation that can be developed and improved. However, simulation models will create mathematically that provides a representation of the environment. Hence, Digital twin uses real-time data to improve decision making, improve reasoning, and progressive intelligence.

Finally, digital twins use 3D modeling that is a connector of digital world technology and the physical world. The same digital twin technology is used as digital oilfield twin in the field of oil and gas.

The Digital oilfield twin technology seems to be recent but the concept of digital technologies in the oil industry is present years back.

It is essential to create order from overload data for the decision-making process. This is critical to impose structure on the massive amount of data. This is the key role of a digital twin. The data plays a key role in this current economic environment. As the low oil price environment extended that is leading to increasing focus on maintaining assets, managing, and to improve efficiencies.

What is Digital OilField Twin?

The Digital OilField Twin is the planning of field, operations, and installation that transform data into capital.
On using Digital OilField

  • It reduces operational timelines.
  • Cloud security systems secure data
  • IoT (Internet Of Things) data sensor is taken for real-time monitoring
  • On connecting AI and historical data for drilling, well-planning, operations, and installation.

Benefits Of Digital OilField Twin 3D View

  • Digital oilfield twin detects early signs of equipment degradation or failure that helps to company owner’s to implement perfect maintenance actions before the complete failure of the equipment.
  • This helps to implement data-driven solutions that improve accessibility, work process, and usability.
  • It is able to analyze the rates of production.
  • Determines virtual equipment designs are feasible with model drilling extractions.
  • Real-time sensors data feeds gather operational asset for understanding and knowing the condition and state of the equipment.
  • Determines virtual equipment designs are whether feasible or not.
  • Before rig move can pre-spot buildings even in tight space. This helps to know obstructive structures, hazards even before the beginning move to new location.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • RTOC (Real Time Operations center) increases the efficiency of good planning.
  • Able to monitor rig status move
  • Anti-collision reduces the risk of well spacing, collision, and many other issues with the ability to transport.

Nowadays many technologies are developed in assisting deepwater drilling, improve efficiency, and for providing information regarding disaster response and safety. However, using digital oilfield twin will improve sharing of information and does remote operations effectively.

Final Talk

The Digital OilField Twin is playing a key role in oil and gas companies. Using it helps companies in many ways and saves a lot of time & time along with many more uses. If you have any more queries regarding this Digital OilField Twin, we would be happy to start a conversation. You can reach us through the below comment section and we will get back to you at the earliest possible.

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