Dangerous Things People Do with Smartphones

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Smartphone houses everyone’s privacy and money

Smartphones these days are considered to be our mobile vault, because, in it contains all our sensitive information, files and private stuff. We sometimes do not have back up for all the information, and perhaps anything should happen to our smartphone, we have lost it all.

Considering the level of highly confidential stuff we save there, I believe the protection it should get from us should be the maximum and quality. We have had cases of people who lost potential jobs, good friends and family contacts and pictures, because of a faulty or stolen phone. The need to put an end to smartphones problem makes infographic from DjiBestBuy to discuss important tips to protect smartphones from being hacked.

Dangerous things people do

There are many things people do online and offline that put them or their smartphones in danger, we will talk about some in this paragraph. To start with, let us talk about turning on location settings while uploading pictures or videos online. Most of us do not have any problem with letting everybody on our social media accounts know where we are every time we post. This does not make us safe, the social media houses different types of people, some of which are ready to go any length to get what they what, you might just have what they want. Therefore, anytime you want to upload pictures or videos, try as much as possible to ensure that your location settings are turned off.

Study shows that 500 millions pictures are uploaded online daily, ensure you keep your location services off. In addition, sharing our personal data with fraudsters who pretend to be calling from the bank is not safe. We have heard cases of people who had their money wired from their bank accounts to an untraceable account. Protect Your Bubble’s survey shows that 27% of identity theft is caused from phone related and banking fraud cases.

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The solution here is never to disclose any sensitive information to any stranger that claims to be calling from your bank. If there is any problem with your account, go to your bank and complain to the right people, do not do it over phone with a stranger.

However, protecting our smartphone from personal mistakes is important too. This is why we need a phone case after buying a new phone, phone cases make the smartphone looks new even after being used for a while and gives it some protection when it falls unexpectedly.

A study shows that 25% of smartphone owners do not use a phone case, which seems to put our smartphones at risks. This one is for the young adults and teenagers who share nude pictures and videos online.

Research shows that 20% of teenagers sent nude pictures of themselves via text or social networks. Sharing your naked pictures to another person for the sake of trust or affection could be dangerous, 17% of recipients forward the pictures and videos to someone else. To keep yourself safe, do not share your nudes online for any reason. Another factor that causes identity theft is clicking on links in fraudulent emails. Study shows that 156 million phishing emails are sent daily, and these fraudsters make those email contents convincing enough to make you click and help them successfully get your identity.

According to Protect Your Bubble’s data, 4% of all its identity theft stem from email fraud. The solution here is to understand that, if you see something that is too good to be real on the internet, then be sure that it is too good to be true, it is a fraud. Finally, leaving your financial and banking apps and websites on auto sign-in is not safe.

30% of people have their passwords on their phone, this won’t go well if the phone falls in the wrong hands. Ensure you log out of you banking apps and websites after each use, to keep yourself and your money in good shape.

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David James
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