Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google


Google is an amazing search engine if you know how to use it. Its easy and very useful search engine. It can help you in many ways like to find news, research you want, finding songs, movies and many more. But there are some other cool tips you don’t know.

If you are using google chrome browser then there are some cool tips for you listed below. If you don’t have it then you can download google chrome browser from official website.

  • Basic Calculations

Basic Calculation

To solve basic math problems, Google is very helpful. If you want to some multiplication of any numbers, then you just need to type those number with * symbol and press enter.

For example, if you are typing 10*20 in google chrome, the google search will show the result as shown in above image. You have also many functions to calculate from the calculator shown in google search result.

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  • Currency conversion

Currency Converter

Google can convert currencies as you type in google search. For example, If you are typing $1 in rupees, it will show the result of $1.

From that result you can also change currencies and convert them in the currency that you want.

Google also provide many suggestion like if you are typing just $1 then it will shows suggestion below it like “$1 in Rupees”.

  • Word meanings and Translations

Word meaning translation

Its very simple to find meaning or definition or translation in any language of any word. You just need to type that word in google and after that word type meaning or definition or the language you want to convert whatever you want to know.

Google will simply show the result with meaning and translation.

From the box you can also select other language to translate word in selected language. It has also one more function that let you to click on speaker to hear how it’s pronounced.

  • Metric system conversion

Metric system conversion

To find the metrics conversion is now very easy with google search. Type “5 feet in cm” into your google search bar that will automatically display the metrics conversion at the top of the page.

Here there are many options for metric conversion like length, area, speed, volume, mass, time and many more.

  • Set timer

Set timer

Now its easy to set timer or stopwatch by using google search. To set timer, you just need to type “set timer for 10 minutes”, it will show the function of timer and stopwatch on the top of the page.

Press start button to start countdown and stop button to stop it. It has also stopwatch function that you can use.

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