Cell Phone Buying Guide- Tips for Buying Your Cell Phone


To be sincere, our lives today are as hell without cell phones. People from all over the world find it hard to live a life without cell phones, especially smartphones. The reason why cell phones are loved by many is that they can do more than what our brains can do.

If you own a smartphone, you can browse the web; you can do research for your products from various online stores before you make a purchase with your cell phone, you can make video calls, you can send and receive emails, you can listen to music, you can also take pictures and also check the weather.

With many cell phone types and models out there, finding your right cell phone is never easy. There are numerous things you need to consider before you surrender your money in exchange for a cell phone.

The first feature to consider is the operating system; another important thing that you must not ignore is the battery life. You do not want to have a cell phone with a battery that dies within three hours of use.

Therefore it is good to choose a cell phone with a longer battery life, this is followed by other features that you find necessary like camera quality, processor, storage capacity, and price. Click here to find the best Smartphones on the market.

Learn how to get the best deal when buying your smartphone from our article below.

1. Choose the right operating system

A phone’s operating system is crucial in running various programs. Even though most smartphones can connect to the internet, make calls, send and receive text messages, they all have their own strengths and flaws.

Most smartphones today run on Android OS and this is because Android has more apps than iOS on matters of design, display size, capabilities, features, and price. Moreover, Android is an open OS and it is more customizable as it features incredible launchers and widgets. This has made many people to be Android phone lovers.

Unless you are familiar with smartphones, it can be very hard to realize the difference between the operating systems. All that many users notice is the availability of apps on all the platforms.

However, if you want to buy a smartphone that will give you access to many apps, avoid the blackberry OS since it features few apps, unlike the other platforms.

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2. Battery life

Smartphones have many features such as the large screen which needs more power than the other normal phones used to send text and call only. It is good to shop around to get a smartphone with a longer battery life.

A smartphone that can stay longer than 10 hours functioning is considered to be a good one, especially if you have to use it to browse the internet. Learn how to get better smartphone battery life.

3. Processor

The lower the processor the slow the phone will be when it comes to the opening of apps, playing games and photo editing. Today, even the midrange cell phones come with an enhanced processor that offers its users a good performance.

However, the processing power between devices varies, but you should always go for a cell phone with the best processor for you to play heavy games, stream videos and run other apps on your phone.

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4. RAM

The RAM is the system memory of a device. A smartphone with a RAM that allows for multitasking is a good deal. I advise users to avoid cell phones with 1GB system memory as it might not allow multitasking. However, 2GB is a standard system memory although a 4 GB up to 6 GB can offer a faster performance.

5. Internal memory

Most of the cell phone users today are people who like taking photos, playing games, streaming online videos, and saving important documents on their smartphones. All these activities require a good amount of internal storage.

Remember some games can occupy a 1GB storage space. So a 16 or 32 GB is recommended for users who will want to store a lot of photos, store a lot of videos and documents and download a ton of games. However, if your phone’s internal storage is not sufficient, you can expand it using a microSD card.

6. Camera

Your smartphone’s resolution cannot determine the quality of photos and videos you capture, however, a phone’s camera that can produce good quality photos in different lighting conditions is the best.

Today, in addition to battery life, processor, internal storage and battery life, the camera quality of a phone is also another important feature that smartphone users are considering.

If you are shopping for a smartphone, don’t concentrate on the camera megapixels but check the aperture and other special specs like dual lenses and visual image balance.

I would recommend users to buy a smartphone with an easy to locate the camera button to avoid having to go through the menu of the phone in search of the camera button when capturing a selfie.

Also, a phone’s camera that produces an LED flash can be useful especially when you want to take photos in a room that isn’t well lit. A phone with a front camera capability is also good when it comes to making video calls.


Having all the above features in mind, you can now make an informed decision when buying your cell phone. In fact, it becomes easier for you to know what cell phone price is suitable for your budget.

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