Top 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2024

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Why is the best SEO a need for all websites?

Well, SEO is known as search engine optimization which helps you beat all the competing websites by making itself a search engine favorite. Almost billions of users search to avail themselves of services, information, or goods without using any particular website which turns their searching desire towards Google. Now it’s Google’s job to deliver them the foremost company names they have in their search engine.

You must be thinking about which WordPress plugins will be foremost for SEO. Let us help you find some of the best WordPress SEO plugins which are popular around the world.

Below is the list of the top 10 best WordPress SEO plugins that can boost your website ranking in 2024.

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Boost Website Ranking

1. Yoast Plugin:

Yoast is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins, it helps companies to build their website stronger than their competitors. It offers magnificent services like keyword optimization, Google preview of a page, scrutinizing the readability of written pages, the entire control on all bread crumbs, plagiarism-free contents (without tricking or confusing Google), and technical support in your website background.

You must be thinking a WordPress plugin that provides such remarkable services may cost a lot, but the truth is it’s free of cost. It doesn’t cost you anything except for your time (obviously). That’s the reason Yoast for the WordPress SEO plugin is most popular around the globe.

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2. Rankie:

Rankine is also known as a WordPress rank tracker plugin, which helps to manage Google rankings by tracking keywords. It is also signed in to manage search engine optimization. In case you don’t know, the rank tracker plugin scrutinizes and strengthens the keywords to help you in creating your own keyword strategy plan.

It also tracks unlimited numbers of keywords and delivers reports on the everyday basics to keep you up-to-date and seize in to become a search engine favorite. Rankie provides you with an authentic list of keywords that are currently trending on Google. It delivers many magnificent features like:

  • Track WordPress ranking
  • Auto track searched keywords
  • 4 location methods for keyword position
  • Generate reports
  • Easy filtering options
  • Detailed action log
  • Daily updates rankings
  • Support proxies

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3. WP Meta SEO:

WP meta SEO is also a popular option for ranking up your website in the search engine, due to better ranking and result in your website will get more traffic which will help your site to fulfill its goals.

By installing WP Meta SEO plugin you will be able to see the current report of your content which will enlighten you on the weak sides of a website where you’ve to pay a little more attention.

Then it will start the operation of optimizing the website for better search engine results and get more visitors. Due to its massive customization, broken link finder (error 404), breadcrumb, and sitemap it operated more than twenty thousand times with a splendid number of reviews as well as a 04.5-star rating.

WP Meta SEO saves plenty of time for occurring changes to enhance the SEO.


Squirrel is mainly used for unskilled or beginners on SEO, it helps get impressive search engine optimization results with authentic content, rankings, and analytics for users.

It delivers SEO as well as human-friendly content to improve your Google search engine-friendly ranking and also provides the content to all the readers. It overviews every page and improves the quality over time to time.

A completed report is sent via email to a company that is operating it. In case any of your files faces issues, it’ll come up with an authentic solution to fix that problem.

Squirrel SEO delivers on time, optimizes your content while typing or editing them, it provides articles to get more than +250% visitors on blogs and articles. Also, it allows other WordPress plugins to run with it, without negatively interrupting one another.

One of the most astonishing features of Squirrly is, it turns the red lights into the green which indicates that the content is completely suitable for SEO.

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5. All In One Schema Rich Snippets:

All in one schema rich snippets are used for marking up the pages or content to be shown in search engine rankings with some rich snippets. It delivers only the authentic and necessary information to be shown in search result snippets.

Quintessential interactive rich snippets carry images, price, ratings, etc. It helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and rank up on search engine result pages.

It supports content such as; articles, blogs, reviews, goods, applications, videos, events, etc. It’s easy to use as well as free of cost and supports a major number of rich snippets.

6. Redirection:

Redirection is a free technical WordPress SEO plugin that helps users to track down Error 404, hold 301 redirections and transform your website’s weak points into stronger ones. What it does is, add 301 redirections to a post whenever the URL changes.

You are given the option of manually changing the 301, 302, and 307 redirections for WordPress or other files post. This is specially used while changing the entire directory of WordPress installation or moving the pages from another website.

It has several features that are used for customizing the URL to other files, pages, or websites. It also redirects all the URLs. Its 404 error observer helps you track down the 404 error and deliver a solution from 301 redirects.

It is commonly generated by website owners or managers. This plugin makes them operate right from the WordPress dashboard. This WordPress plugin is fully localized around the globe and is available in multiple languages.

7. Broken Link Checker:

In case if you didn’t know this, a broken link can harm your website which can result in delivering a negative and unpleasant experience to your visitor. The conversion and bounce rate are the two ranking factors for a search engine.

Checking every single link on your website on regular basis will spoil your valuable time and chances are you might not get a better result through the human eye, that’s why Broken Link Checker is installed by more than five hundred thousand worldwide users.

It helps to monitor the broken links and lets you know by sending an email. Due to its auto broken detecting link, on-time editing, sending reports via email, filtration of searches and free for use (open source programs), it is highly able to seize its roots on the WordPress SEO plugins platform.

8. SEO Ultimate:

SEO Ultimate is an open-source WordPress SEO plugin and most popular around the globe with more than two hundred thousand users. It is a complete on-page optimization plugin that step-in with tons of quintessential features.

The only issue it has is that it can provide support on its free downloading program, but not on the premium one. SEO Ultimate premium offers many spectacular features that will help your web to boost search engine ranking.

The features are,

  • Title Tag Rewriter
  • Meta Description
  • Deep-link Juggernaut
  • Enhancing the internal ranking pattern
  • Open Graph
  • Snippet creator
  • Author highlighter
  • 404 checker

9. Open Site Explorer:

Open Site Explorer is developed by MOZ, it is an open-source program widely used by users all around the world. It allows checking data for any domain identity which helps you to monitor those that are linked to a specific domain and the text fonts they are using in it.

OSE delivers massive information to its user like; linking dissimilar domains, top pages, also the pages linked on your website, and many more. It is a free tool with search limits for its users.

It also has a Moz Pro subscription, which provides access to its more powerful tools.

10. SEO Framework:

This plugin delivers automated SEO solutions for all WordPress websites in a low time period. It is an open-source program utilized by users all around the world. Due to its easiness, it’s quite flexible to use whether you are an expert or not.

It allows users to enhance the value of SEO content, including hidden HTML comments. This plug allows users to manually set unique standards for different pages, like blogs, articles, etc. SEO Framework reduces the loading time of pages even if that page contains a number of meta tags.

This plug is also capable of adjusting more than a hundred different websites setting at the exact time. It disables all the hidden comments with the help of extensions and filters.

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It supports;

  • Custom posts (bbPress and WooCommerce)
  • Friendly SEO solution for beginners
  • Open graph images
  • Deliver in a splendid way (blogs, articles, etc.)
  • Tune-up the SEO using
  • Disable hidden HTML comment
  • Report Error 404
  • Robotically notifying Google and others

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    I’m also using lesser known but essential redirection WordPress plugin named Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect. This SEO plugin can saves you from being penalized by google for duplicate content. It can find and remove your duplicate content and redirect it to main URL.


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