Top 10 Best PHP Development Tools for 2024

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Looking forward to the best PHP IDE 2024? This blog shares some of the acclaimed best PHP development tools for developers. These tools are definitely going to make life much easier by providing ease of coding.

Using these tools, the task of programming becomes simple, easier, and quick. There are a lot of custom PHP development tools available in the market, however, finding the right one is extremely important to make the entire process simplified.

Let us have a look at some of the important PHP development tools for 2024.

List of Best PHP development tools for 2024

1. NuSphere

NuSphere PHP Development Tool

NuSphere is a best-in-class PHP editor tool that is greatly used for creating a website with PHP, HTML, Perl, JScript, and CSS. The tool comes with advanced functionality like editor, debugger, a profiler with MySQL.

Editing and debugging applications PHP and locally becomes quite easier with this super secure debugger. The tool is fully compatible with advanced versions of Laravel PHP Framework, YII, Joomla, Zend, and so on. It is a full-stack web development IDE featuring a built-in JavaScript debugger.

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PHP-CPP Best PHP Development Tools

PHP-CPP is a complete library for developing PHP extensions. The tool comes with an extended range of well-documented and easy-to-use classes that are used for creating native extensions for PHP.

Extensions created using this tool are easy to understand and simple to create. The coding is great and offers a huge boost to your application.

3. Directus

Directus PHP Development Tools

Directus is a free and open-source MySQL database that is useful for managing content. This tool is fully API-driven for the creation of custom databases. It is highly in demand owing to its simple, secure, and scalable features.

Directus manages your content with an intuitive interface. The process of setting up is entirely easy and requires no special training. When it comes to security, Directus follows the latest standard for authentication and access control.

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4. phpDesigner 8

phpDesigner 8 Best PHP Development Tool

It is a comparatively fast PHP editor that comes with built-in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript editors that help in the creation of amazing websites. Right from editing to analyzing, debugging, and publishing websites becomes a cakewalk with phpDesigner 8.

This robust PHP editor comes with customization options, debug support, support for object-oriented coding, code snippets, code templates, and bug managers. The tool supports all PHP frameworks and allows developers to instantly access classes, functions, and variables.

5. Plates

Plates Top PHP Development Tool

Plates is a native PHP template system that is easy to use and extend. Inspired by the excellent Twig template engine, Plates strives to bring modern template language functionality to native PHP templates.

This tool is highly preferred amongst developers who use native PHP templates over compiled template languages like Twig and Smarty.

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6. GuzzlePHP

GuzzlePHP Best PHP Development Tools

GuzzlePHP is a PHP client that makes it easier to send a request to integrate with web services. This PHP development tool is fully compatible with PHP 5.0. It also features a simple interface for creating query strings, streaming large uploads, downloads, and uploading JSON data.

7. Netbeans

Netbeans PHP Development Tool 2018

NetBeans is an open-source packaged IDE for developers and programmers. The tool comes free of cost and has features that can easily help in the creation of large-scale websites that support multiple languages like Russian, Japanese, English, Brazilian Portuguese, and so on.

It is a lightweight tool that supports the most popular frameworks like Zend, Smarty, FuelPHP, Doctrine, Symfony, YII, WordPress CMS, and so on.

8. Aptana Studio

It is an open-source HTML editor that comes with full PHP support for creating stunning web applications. It is designed on the Eclipse platform and supported on Linux, Windows, and MAC OS 10 operating systems.

The tool completely supports HTML, DOM, CSS with code completion, JavaScript debugging, and so on. It is quite easier to download and acts as a great debugger for PHP developers.

9. Sublime Text

Sublime Text Best PHP Development Tools 2018

It is a cross-platform source code editor that features Python API. It supports many programming and markup languages. Being one of the powerful text editors, it comes with a smooth UI and extraordinary features.

Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems support this PHP development tool. Some other advanced features of this tool include instant project switch, Plugin API, extensive customizability, distraction-free mode, split editing, and so on.

10. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is one of the most accepted PHP development tools used by PHP developers. It is quick, smooth, and lightweight that making it a better choice amongst other robust PHP coding tools.

It is featured with a unique set of features like an intelligent code Editor and a code re-arranger that allows rapid web development. This tool is available at a certain cost but it also has a 30-day free trial. It can also be installed on an operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

This tool works with all major frameworks like Zend, YII, CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, and so on. It is an enterprise-grade IDE and generally meant for professional developers.

In Conclusion

So, if you are a PHP programmer, you can employ these PHP development tools to design an appealing and fully advanced website for your business.

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