5 Best Apps for Productivity at Work in 2023

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Have you ever started a workday with the best intentions, aiming to get projects X, Y, and Z finished by the end of the day? Only to release by the time that 5 pm rolls around that you haven’t even gotten to the middle of X yet.

It’s an issue many people face in their workday; how do you solve a problem like productivity?

Like many issues in life, there are the best apps for productivity. Several in fact depending on your needs (and even if these don’t fit the bill, you can always invest in some app development as well).

So, here are the five best apps for productivity in 2023 that can help turn your workday into a more productive seven and a half hours:

Best Apps for Productivity for 2023

1) FocusWriter

FocusWriter Best App for Productivity

FocusWriter is so easy to become caught up in all of the gadgets and gizmos that occupy the modern world, even on our computers.

With an app for everything and a million features on each one, becoming distracted is all too easy. Which when writing that important document that has to be finished by tomorrow is the last thing you need.

This is where FocusWriter steps in. A minimalist word processor that keeps your main screen empty, with the exception of your text and an optional background (which can be set to be very minimal and not distracting in the least).

With spelling, word count, and even a timer to keep you on task this is a great barebone writing app.

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2) Papier

In a world of constant new tabs, why not make something useful of this otherwise blank space? Papier is a note-taking app that makes every ‘new tab’ open to a page of your notes, to-do list or whatever idea happens to pop into your head.

So, if you are ever stuck for something or have forgotten a key point all you need to do is open a new tab.

It’s a good way to lessen the waste of a new tab and can boost your productivity every time you do.

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3) Trello

Managing a team project can be a chaotic experience and one that ruins your daily workflow easily. Luckily, there is Trello which is a collaborative app to create and track the project is essential, especially one that can help you to visualize the experience fully.

The advantages of this app include that it can sync across all your devices. So, now you can collaborate with anyone, no matter where you are. It can also allow you to organize your projects through annotating and commenting on the “Trello cards”.

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4) Grammarly

Grammarly Best Apps for Productivity

Spelling and grammar are essential to your everyday life. It can be the difference between a powerful email that gets you that promotion or one that simply highlights how bad at spelling and incompetent you are. Grammarly is the app that keeps on giving when it comes to avoiding the latter scenario.

It keeps track of your documents, emails, and even simple things such as comments on websites. Truly, a spelling mistake or serious grammar error should be a thing of the past after downloading this app.

It’s free for basic grammar and spelling errors, but for more complicated grammar rules you will have to upgrade to premium. So there’s an option no matter your dedication or the amount of writing you do in your workday.

5) 1Password

One of the worst ways to make your workday more difficult is forgetting the password to a critical account just as you need it. It has happened to all of us at one point or another, but it can be easily avoided with the right app.

1Password is such an app, a free software package that keeps track of all of your passwords and logs in to you each time.

Safe and secure, and best of all free! A much better alternative to the pile of sticky notes in your drawer (safer too).

Bonus: Timepage

If you want a calendar with a difference, then this offering from Moleskin (yes, the notebook company) could be the solution you are looking for. Timepage has the benefit of being good to look at and full of handy features for all of your calendar needs.

It also has the benefit of syncing with your other calendars – such as your work one – to make it as easy to use as possible.

The best part is a monthly ‘heat’ view, showing what days are busy and which are freer for you to plan a meeting or new event. Perfect for those with a busy work schedule.

And there you have it, all of the best apps currently available to help make your workday that much more efficient and productive.

Of course, it all depends on how you spend your workday as to which you should use, as what might be perfect for one person would make you even less productive.

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