5 Benefits of Using a GPS Watch When You Run

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Many runners can’t imagine going out for a run without their favorite GPS watch, and although it can be nice to run without any devices or tech sometimes, wearing this type of watch can have numerous benefits as you work to improve your running.

Compete Against Yourself

There’s a saying that the only person you should be attempting to be better than is the person that you were yesterday. As technology improves, it becomes possible to see the metrics so that you can compete against yourself accurately.

GPS watches allow you to save the time it took you to perform a workout or run a specific route, which allows you the chance to race against a previous version of yourself. This means you can see any improvements that you’ve made, and you can push yourself a little bit harder on every workout.

Weight Loss Tracking

We know how difficult it can be to stick to a diet; any little bit of accountability can be helpful on a tough day. Outdoor GPS watches provide you with a decent accounting of the calories that you burn while you workout, so that you can better plan your calorie intake throughout the day.

Even for those who are running for performance instead of weight loss, it’s still important to track calories. You need to know how many calories you typically burn on a run so that you know that you’re taking in enough fuel for your body.

Use Indoors for Tracking

Running machines in the gym can provide you with information, but it is typically inaccurate. GPS watches, however, track your performance even though you’re doing your routine inside.

This means that even if it’s a rainy day, you can find a treadmill and then use your own equipment the way that you’re used to and keep track of your fitness routine.

Higher Accuracy

Everyone likes to be able to keep track of their metrics, this is even more true when they’re training for a specific event. Luckily, GPS watches provide us with highly accurate readings of distance, especially when compared with apps.

However, you can also use your watch with your phone or your computer and access all of your information on any of your devices. You’ll be able to see your information anywhere you are, so that you can see any trends as they develop. Many GPS watches are equipped with software that lets you view your specific statistics throughout the week, such as how far you’ve fun or what your average pace is. There are many ways that you can keep track of your runs and improve your statistics.

Monitor Your Splits

Analyzing and tracking your splits will allow you to see where you slow down and when you speed up during your runs. This lets you keep track of your pace and improve it dramatically before your next race. During these races, you can track your time per mile so that you can ensure that you’re on target for your best time.

You can take these splits to your interval sessions, allowing you to compare times from your current workout to your previous workouts.