Automation in 2024: Tricks to Help You Pick Up the Pace

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The development of new software solutions has made our lives easier and our businesses more efficient. We can automate countless tedious tasks that used to take hours and days to complete. Now, they can be finished in a matter of minutes, allowing you and your employees to focus on your core business.


Automation has taken the world by storm, and to stay competitive and productive, businesses have to keep up with these technology trends and implement them into their daily workflow.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular automation trends and tricks that will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase your revenue while decreasing your efforts.


There’s been a lot of buzz around robotic process automation (or RPA) in the past few years and for a good reason. RPA can help you and your employees automate mundane and time-consuming tasks.

“Robotic” refers to the so-called software robots that can replicate the tasks handled by administrative employees.

Firstly, this is a cost-efficient way of reducing your workload, as RPA can be used within the framework of your existing systems. For example, invoice automation tools like YoozPay utilize RPA to process invoices more efficiently.

Secondly, it eliminates the human error factor. All processes that are automated are carried out homogenously every single time and can finish tasks that would normally take hundreds of man-hours in just a fraction of that time.

RPA can streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and allow your employees to focus on more important tasks and on the clients, bettering the customer experience.

Digital Assistants

Digital Assistants

It is expected that by 2024, there will be over 1.8 billion people using virtual digital assistants. Digital assistants are already extremely popular, you’ve probably encountered them yourself. Cortana, Siri, they’re already making our lives easier, and virtual assistants are spreading to offices as well, like Alexa for Business.

Many tasks can be automated through them. Your digital assistants can be integrated into your intranet, and have access to all the necessary data and files, saving you a lot of time. Instead of spending hours digging through the files to check certain information, you can ask your digital assistant to find it in seconds.

You can easily set up meetings at a time when everyone has an opening in their schedule, check whether certain purchases can be counted as business expenses, get quick information about your budget, connect the assistants to other appliances and optimize your offices.


Speaking of assistants, chatbots can be of great assistance to you and your business. You’ve probably encountered an occasional Facebook bot, chatbots on business websites, on Skype, etc. Well, what is a Skype bot? What do these bots do? How can you get your hands on one of them?

Chatbots can primarily help you improve your customer experience. Chatbots with the best AI can communicate with customers through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and others. They can hold human-like conversations and offer your customers accurate information and a personalized experience.

You can save a lot of customer support while giving your customers the best support available. And it is available. Best AI chatbots are active 24/7/365. They can communicate with multiple customers simultaneously on multiple channels, allowing your brand to always be open for business.

What’s even better is that platforms like allow you to make your own chatbot for free, even if you have no previous experience in programming or coding. Making them is a piece of cake, and they bring numerous benefits that will only enrich your business.



The number of IoT connected devices is on the rise, and you can take this to your advantage and increase your productivity while automating your business.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, isn’t just about connected appliances, smartwatches, and smart homes, it can take your business to the next level.

You can incorporate IoT technologies into your factories, machinery, and equipment, and get real-time feedback on your operations, allowing you to monitor your overall business processes.

You’ll be able to track where everything is, how things are being used, how often, and be even able to identify certain problems before they become too big to deal with. The information gathered by these devices can give you insight into your employees’ performance, business productivity, and even your clients’ preferences.

The interaction of these devices allows you to gather data of your customers’ product preferences and their behavior online, allowing you to customize your products and improve your marketing strategy.

IoT devices, RPA, the best AI chatbots, and digital assistants are not here to eliminate the need for human workers, they are designed as tools that can help your business run smoothly and automate certain processes so that human workers can focus on handling more essential tasks that will improve your business.

These automation tools allow humans to deal with more creative work and focus on the clientele, not on mundane routine tasks that are necessary but overwhelming. Take advantage of these tricks and tools that will help with your business automation and allow you to be more productive and efficient.

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